create a cozy corner

Sponsored post. Sometimes I feel like I'm just tripping over my two little boys around the house. How is it that kids seem to gravitate to a doorway,  stairway, or other high traffic area to plop down and play!? So I recently have been creating activity corners, nooks, and stations where they can play. Here's… Read More ->

craft kits for kids

One way I love to give gifts to kids without just giving more "stuff" is with craft kits. Not just kits where kits put together a pre-determined item that quickly gets junked. No, I mean real crafting kits that help children learn a particular skill set! Skill building craft kits for kids make great gift ideas… Read More ->

10+ Perfect Hostess Gift Ideas!

hostess gift ideas

Sponsored post. I don't know about your family, but I'm Italian and that means I never like to go anywhere empty-handed. When you visit someone, you better always have a plate of cookies, bread, candies, or something in hand. When you can't bring baked goodies, here are some perfect hostess gift ideas I found at… Read More ->

Pretty Ways to Package Food Gifts this Christmas

ways to package food gifts

Friend gift. Coworker gift. Grab bag gift. Hostess gift. I'm sure we all have those small gifting moments coming up this Christmas season. I like to pair a food gift with a nice container that can be reused. So today I'm sharing some pretty ways to package food gifts this Christmas, with a little help… Read More ->