Quick and Easy Fall Decor Ideas

I honestly don't have time these days for a lot of knick-knack decor each holiday that I have to put up, take down, dust, and store. But I do like to rotate a few key decorations for each season. I prefer easy fall decor ideas - practical and useful items that can stay up for… Read More ->

Cornered Tablecloth Tutorial

I love when I find a project that is fast and easy and doesn't turn into a Pinterest-fail! If you can sew even a simple straight line, then you can definitely make this DIY cornered tablecloth in under an hour (with a sewing machine...you could hand-stitch, if you needed to, and I'm guessing that might… Read More ->

We're a family that enjoys being outside a lot, especially in clear weather. I have to admit, though, I can't always just stand around or run around with the kids. Sometimes I like to relax outdoors. Last week I shared our patio after a freak storm destroyed last year's gazebo and decor and left us with… Read More ->

We reached a fork in the road a few months ago:  our little boy figured out how to climb out of the crib! Ah! This was way earlier than our oldest son - who slept in the crib until about two-and-a-half! But the baby, no, he's a busy boy and at just twenty months figured how to get up… Read More ->