Diaper love can be fickle. One month I’m loving my AI2s. Another, I love my flats, my wool, and so forth. I think when you love cloth diapers as much as I do, you tend to use them in patterns. My 16 month history with cloth (discounting my glory days as a babysitter with prefolds and pins!), has taught me that pretty much any diaper style has its pros and cons.

This month, I’ve been wishing I had more pocket diapers. They are just so easy! If you can’t afford sized all-in-ones (which, I can’t even imagine a full stash of those!), then one-size pockets would be your next best bet. Once they are stuffed, it’s kind of a one-piece deal. Wrap and snap, and you’re done! Great for grandma, babysitters, nurseries/daycare, because there really isn’t anything to “handle.”

Fortunately for me, Jack Be Natural, a Charlotte, NC shop for mom and baby, sent me a GoGreen Champ 2.0 diaper to test out!

The GoGreen pocket has some surprises for veteran pocket users. The dual gussets are a favorite feature of mine in a cover, so I was pleased to see them in a pocket, because they really help contain leaks.

The pocket has dual openings, meaning… you guessed it, no need to “unstuff” a dirty insert prior to washing because it jiggles out in the wash.

And, the insert has a snap that secures it into the front of the pocket so it stays attached to the cover in the wash. My husband is going to love this because he has mentioned that we have so many diaper types now that he often can’t figure out which pieces go together. (But we’re coming up with some really cool cover/pocket/insert combos when pieces get separated into different wash loads!).

Hip snaps help make for a good fit, something I think more covers/pockets should look into adding.

The one-size feature on the GoGreen also has FOUR size settings – three rows of snap settings, and completely unsnapped for the largest size. I liked having all those size options!

Now, the GoGreen diaper is a bit more affordable compared to other pockets, retailing for about $15.95. This is most likely because it only has one insert. I read some people are unhappy with that, but I have plenty of doublers I can add for nighttime absorbency. And mostly I’ve used this pocket during the day – hence my shifting affection to pocket diapers, because previously I saved all mine for night time. I think the loss of one insert to lower the price is a decent trade-off.

What kind of diaper is your favorite? Has that changed over time?

BUY IT: Shop at Jack Be Natural. They are committed to educating parents on the advantages of natural baby products while providing them at fair and affordable prices. You’ll find a wide range of diapering brands and products, along with fun baby accessories like bibs, blankets, bath, toys, and more! I love how part of that “education” comes in the form of great Cloth Diaper 101 facts, and instructional YouTube videos!

WIN IT: The folks over at Jack Be Natural are giving away a GoGreen Diaper to one of my readers!


Disclosure: I was sent a product to facilitate this review. I was not compensated in any other way, and all opinions are 100% my own.