We went on our first trip to the beach last weekend. It happen to be a chilly, windy, dreary day in Old Saybrook, CT. But we made the best of it!

I took along our Baby Nari Hip Hugger carrier. I walked up and down the beach with our son on my hip. For quite some time. He’s nearly 23 pounds by now (I’ll find out Monday), so having a carrier really spared my arms (yes, I’m a weakling in the bicep dept!).

He didn’t care so much for walking on the wet sand – the texture was new and different, so he preferred to be held most of the time.

There was so much to see, coarse red sand, rocks, soft, silky sand for digging. Then he wanted to get down again. But a few steps later he wanted to be up. Then we came across a strand of rocks, and he wanted to be down.

Facing forward, front carry

I wanted to take pictures of him here and there, so I was putting him down. And up. What saved the day was the type of carrier I had – the Baby Nari Hip Hugger (Toddle version) carrier allowed me to hold him comfortably, without straining my arms.

Since it doesn’t have straps, I could easily put him down without fuss. The seat is angled, positioning him closer to me (although I still need to provide light balance support with my arm).

Facing inward, hip carry

My 15-month-old liked changing positions frequently, because he’s at the age where he doesn’t want to sit still (um, I think he’s always been like that!). I could face him towards me when the wind kicked up and hide his head. I could face him outwards to look around. I put him on my hip so I could pick up small objects from the beach to show him. There are so many ways to wear the Hip Hugger.

The Hip Hugger was comfortable to wear once I realized the tighter I wore it, the more comfortable it felt! Without my son on the carrier, the hip pouch seemed a bit bulky, but was easily slid to the back out of the way.

Now… I’m personally not a huge fan of the “fanny pack” but I must admit the convenience of carrying supplies within reach while carrying the baby was … well, awfully convenient. The pouch is big enough to hold a cloth diaper, small wipes bag and my Flip camera  and still zip closed.

Full of supplies! Cloth diaper, wipes case, camera, snack


So I could wander a ways from the beach house but not worry that I wouldn’t have an essential item. We certainly have made good use of this carrier for stop-and-go babywearing situations!

Moms who babywear in the summer will enjoy this lighter version of a carrier since they may be more active at the beach, park, picnic. I think dads/grandpas/uncles will also like this carrier because it is less fuss and has a more masculine appearance.

PLEASE keep in mind, this carrier is NOT a hands free carrier, which might be a con, but there are the advantages of easy up/down as I explained.

Baby Nari makes the Hip Hugger in two sizes. One for infants (as long as they have some back strength), and one for toddlers (about 20 lbs+). The Toddle Hip Hugger seat is more tilted to prevent baby from falling backward. Both sizes come in a variety of colors!

I’d like to thank Baby Nari also for sponsoring my blog with a sidebar ad! And they were so kind as to offer my readers, through the end of this giveaway, a special discount: $20 off your order with Discount Code: BABYNARI.

Have you ever tried a hip carrier? What do you think?


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