Have you ever wondered whether there is a big difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt?

I did a little online investigation and was surprised. Pleasantly! I love Greek yogurt, and now I love it more!

Why am I raving about Greek yogurt? Because finding out it’s better for you makes me more excited to tell you about the new Earth’s Best Greek Yogurt Smoothies! Packaged in on-the-go pouches (love!), these smoothies feature real organic fruit, Greek yogurt, and whey. And, NO Genetically Modified Organism! (Thank you, Earth’s Best!).

Greek yogurt is simply yogurt thoroughly strained to remove liquid whey, lactose and sugar. Hence the thick and creamy texture (my biggest reason for loving it!). Note that the thick texture helps you feel full, which is a good thing for a snack – to give a sense of fullness without ruining the dinner appetite!

But also, because it’s strained, Greek yogurt takes on an edge over other yogurts and other toddler snacks (per serving):

  • Higher protein
  • Lower carbs
  • Lower sodium
  • Less sugar (until you add in the fruits!)

The Greek-style yogurts do lose a smidge of calcium via straining, and also have higher fat content (which is generally good for babies/toddlers unless they are already overweight). But overall, a healthful snack (note the proper use of the word “healthful” not “healthy”).

Earth’s Best Greek Yogurt Smoothies are “2nd foods” good for children age 6 months and up, and come in Apple, Banana, and Cherry – all toddler favorites!

Do you prefer Greek yogurt over regular? Do your kids love pouch snacks!?

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  • Crunchy Beach Mama September 13, 2012, 9:20 am

    Love that they have greek yogurt for kids! I will have to check that out!