Am I the only woman that has SUCH a hard time finding a bra I like?

Just when I think I find a bra that feels great, after a few wearings, I find an itchy spot, or it stretches out. Or shows through all my favorite tops. Or I get pregnant or start breastfeeding and it doesn’t fit.

So I couldn’t wait to try Genie Bra, which I’d seen advertised as conforming to any cup size and never losing shape. Plus they have no underwire, which is preferable for breastfeeding to avoid clogged ducts.

I’ve spent a few weeks wearing the bras and there’s a lot to like about the Genie Bra.

First, the best part is how it’s a bra that slips on so easy - no clasps or straps to adjust or fiddle with. And it will not show lines or bumps under any outfit. Definitely the smoothest fit! You can add little pads into pockets in the bra to get a smooth fit.

The bras fit me well. However, I think they must run small, because my typical bra size falls into their Medium on the size chart. Yet I was sent size Large, and they were NOT loose at all on me! I was glad I got the Larges, actually!

Comfort-wise, there is nothing to stick, itch, or bunch. These are truly bras that move with you. I found them supportive, without giving you a “sports bra”-type look. ;)

As a nursing mom, I tried the Genie Bra for breastfeeding. You can definitely BF in this bra, however, I personally did not prefer it because I had to lift the bra UP, and I prefer to pull the bra down when nursing. However, these are great bras for the fact that nursing moms often fluctuate in size, and this bra will accommodate!

Style-wise, Genie Bra comes in a wide range of colors, which is great, because they do come up higher than your average bra, so you’ll likely end up using these bras as a sort of cropped tank top under v-neck or lower necklines.

Genie Bra also makes Slim and Tone Leggings, which I loved wearing! With five zones of compression to shape legs, my favorite aspect was how there’s no wrinkling or bunching! You feel supported and toned and the leggings fit smoothly under other clothing without bulk.

You can check out Genie Bra on Facebook for more information on a great fitting bra (and awesome leggings!).

I wrote this review while participating in a Blog Tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Genie Bra and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  • Crunchy Beach Mama February 3, 2013, 7:33 pm

    I need new bras SO bad! I’ve heard good things about this one and would love to try it! Though you can’t buy them in stores to try them on?

    I also love those leggings!

  • Heather Garcia February 3, 2013, 3:48 pm

    Wow this is the 2nd post about the Genie Bra that was in my inbox today so i think that is a sign that I need to try this bra!!! I am still nursing my 35 month old and I am afraid that when I am done nursing my boobs are not going to be the same size, so it is hard for me to justify spending a lot of money on a bra that may not fit me in a few months. I have seen the commercials but was unsure if this bra would live up to al the hype. Thanks for reviewing this bra.

  • Darcy February 3, 2013, 10:21 am

    Too bad they don’t have my size. Finding good supportive bras (nursing or regular) is such a pain!

  • Trisha W. January 23, 2013, 11:34 am

    Is this post targeted at your blogger friends? I was wondering what the Genie Bra pack is. =)