I didn’t realize how much time we spent in our car until hubby’s truck bit the dust a month ago.

Suddenly, I was home without access to a vehicle while Daddy drove the van to work every day.

No more teachable moments discussing traffic signals with my son, pointing out various kinds of trucks and discussing their jobs, or introducing the concept of time as I tried to explain how long it would take to arrive at our destination.

See… our car is more than just a car – it’s where we have family discussions, sing along to music CDs, learn about traffic laws, transportation, travel, food growing in fields we drive by. I use everything we see to start conversations with my son. I use quiet moments when he’s napping to plan adventures for our family with the hubster. I use long rides to blog and jot down notes!

Who knew having (or not!) that second car was so life-changing?

So imagine how thrilled I was to test drive a Kia for a week!? Our family had two cars and we got to check out a Kia Sportage 2013 model!

It has been so long since I have shopped for a NEW car I forgot how exciting it can be!

The Sportage had amazing features like leather seats (delightful!) that are heated AND vented (cool air so no more burning the skin off your legs on hot summer days!).

High tech stuff too, like keyless ignition!?! Made me feel cutting edge just getting in the car and pushing a button to start/stop the car.

I’ve also never driven a car that was so digitized: backup camera that starts automatically when you shift into reverse, Bluetooth and Sirius radio, built-in GPS with a terrific large screen map view (not teeny like on my smartphone).

My absolute favorite feature were the two expansive panoramic moon roofs…I kept thinking about how amazing it would be to watch rain or snow falling down on you under the safety of those glass windows! Or park in an open area and look for constellations. Oh, a car like this is so much fun!

See how you could just live in a car like this? It’s got so many amenities (lots of cup holders, even where you don’t expect them like the grooves molded into the door pockets!).

The Kia Sportage is a cross over style vehicle with rear open trunk storage (roomy enough for the stroller and some bags). This all wheel drive vehicle gets 18-34 miles per gallon, and you can save on fuel if you select the Eco mode while driving. Way better than hubby’s 12 year old SUV was getting!

We took trips to a local museum, the mall, grocery shopping, church, work, karate class, and more! Wow…a lot of life and living happens while you’re in the car! It’s important to find the model that’s the right fit for your family!

Our family of four fit comfortably in the Sportage, although I mused if we have a third baby, since kids are in car seats so long, we’d have to consider a different model….perhaps the Sorento or the Sedona?

I’d never driven a Kia before this week, but after our test drive week, where we pretty much lived in the car to get the most out of it… I like what I’m seeing!

How do you live life in the car? What style/size car is best for your family and why?

This post is written in partnership with Kia. I was provided with a car to test drive for this review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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  • Crunchy Beach Mama March 26, 2013, 8:52 pm

    sounds like fun! I love new cars especially ones with features like this Kia! I need a moon roof, and back up camera, and GPS, and Siruis, and vented seats, and…. :)

  • Grace F. March 26, 2013, 11:33 am

    I find it interesting that this post was about your car. Just moments before I clicked on the entry, I was perusing craigslist because our car died today. We don’t want to put any more money into it, and instead get something else. I was getting increasingly frustrated looking at unreliable cars on craigslist and just admitting to myself that we’ll never find one. We’ve been looking for a new car we can afford for over three years now, and it’s very frustrating that absolutely nothing has been working out. A lot of the time, I reflect on how we used to have a ’07 Nissan Versa hatchback and how I loved it; it was my baby. It is perfect for a small family like ours. But, it was totaled three years ago by a deer.

  • MKDaddy March 26, 2013, 5:31 am

    I loved that car. Fit real nice in it!