This past weekend I was reminding of a parenting truth: keep it simple.

I had just gotten new clothes for the boys, courtesy of RUUM, and was anxious to try them out and get some pictures to share.

But as the weather isn’t letting on that it IS actually spring, I had to do my photo shoot indoors. I had big plans to bring the boys to the water fountain at the mall and have them play and toss coins. But when I got there, the fountain was drained and empty.

spring looks for toddlers

Then I thought – the carousel! Perfect for photos (and it is). But our littlest boy flipped out at the site of the spinning animals and … that idea was shot. I think our boys wondered what kind of ride Mommy was taking them on! Ha!

You know what the kids ended up doing? I gave them a few quarters and they SHARED a handful of Mike & Ikes from the candy dispenser and a ride on one of those little motorized cars.

They loved it. Simple fun.

spring looks for toddlers

Just like family fun, spring looks for toddlers and older kids can also be simple and… stylish.

Like graphic tees and knit shorts. Comfortable. Easy. Yet cute and exciting for kids to pick out their favorite motif. When we were shopping for these shirts, each boy got to pick the style they liked.

I was surprised even our 20-month-old toddler had a STRONG opinion about wanting that red 4×4 shirt! And of course our 4-year old had to have a green shirt, so he picked the striped dump truck. Perfect for each of them!

Even dress wear for boys can be simple and classic. Pair a button down with striped shorts and a chambray tie… a cool look for spring occasions! Look at that handsome little man – he looks ready for an ivy league…. preschool?

spring looks for toddlers

RUUM has everything your kids will need for spring layering – from play clothes to dressy pieces. The styles are classic and easy to mix and match.

This season’s collections feature stripes, bold colors, mixed with neutrals… choose fine gauge sweaters or knit hoodies for layering pieces.

Plus, there’s always a great sale going on! Check out the RUUM in your area!

Thanks to RUUM for sending a gift card in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

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