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Another Reason I Love My Tempur-pedic!

Aside from the fact that one can jump wildly on a Temperpedic mattress and not have their glass of red wine spill over, or drop a 10 lb. bowling ball and not feel a tremor…I discovered another reason to love my Temperpedic mattress yesterday. No, it’s not the fact that I laugh every time my sister jumps on the bed before realizing that Temperpedics don’t “spring” back – think “THUNK” as the mattress remains unyielding! (ha ha, sorry sis!), and it’s not the great sleep I get, or the fact that my back feels better since we’ve been using this mattress.

Here’s my big secret: I love the Temperpedic because I can get out of bed when the baby is sleeping, and the baby doesn’t even realize I’m leaving! Other mattresses because they “spring,” will shift and disrupt the other person’s sleep – we all know this. But not the Temperpedic (see reference to sister above!). This non-disruptive feature has been very helpful to my husband and I, as we get up at different times in the morning. But I didn’t realize what a huge benefit this could be when you have a baby, until I finally got the baby to go down for a nap the other day on my bed, and then I wanted to get up. I cautiously eased myself off the bed, and saw that not only did the baby stay asleep, he didn’t even move with my movements! What a wonderful bed! The investment just keeps paying off!

DISCLOSURE: And no, Temperpedic did not send me a full sized mattress for free to say this – we paid every penny of full price about 3 years ago – this is just my own delighted observation!



Saturday 10th of July 2010

That IS an awesome benefit. :)

The Jacobsen Family!

Thursday 8th of July 2010

We have one too, and it's the best investment we've made. We splurged and got the king (up from our queen spring mattress) and it's amazing! I was preg with our 3rd when we got it and slept SO much better! Now preg with our 4th and getting much better sleep than I'm sure I would have with any other mattress. LOVE temperpedic!

Momma Such

Thursday 8th of July 2010

Sounds like a great mattress! That is a good reason to love it! :)


Thursday 8th of July 2010

We love ours also!! It was the first thing we purchased for our new home almost 3 years ago. It's great for us b/c David is over 6ft tall and pushing 200# - I'm about 5ft tall and pushing 115. The size difference made for very rocky nights when David rolled over in any other bed. Now he can roll over as much as he wants and it doesn't disturb me one bit!! We paid full price too and we think it's a great investment! =)

Tiffany Lamb

Thursday 8th of July 2010

That's so awesome. One more reason why I want to have one. But they are still a bit to pricey for us now, by the time we get one the baby probably won't be a baby anymore haha.