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Julie Kieras

teacher, author, blogger

Julie is a former English teacher who has homeschooled her two boys since preschool. That's 7 years! Her parenting blog, Happy Strong Home, focuses on homeschool life and building strong and happy homes. She encourages and helps parents know they can thrive in their parenting and succeed at homeschooling!

Julie provides helpful resources and tips via her blog, homeschool printables in her Etsy shop, and offers online writing classes to support homeschool parents and their students.


She's enjoyed writing for over 35 years (yes, since she was very young), but professionally for 22. She has spent the last 15+ years teaching adults, middle school, and homeschool kids both in person and online.  

When she's not teaching or playing at being "Joogle" (her family's nickname for her love of answering people's questions), Julie loves old books, writing, walks, camping, travel, coffee, chocolate, and naps. 


Currently, she's working to bring together a "neighborhood" of homeschool moms to support each other through this journey. Ask Julie is a step towards answering all the questions homeschool parents need to talk about in real-time with a homeschooler who has been on this journey before them.

So... Ask Julie anything (homeschool/ family related) and get your questions answered! 

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