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Baby’s a Foodie – Buddy Fruits Review

I imagined my children would never have a jar of baby food pass their lips. I would lovingly puree and steam all their food myself. Apparently, my son has different ideas. Lately he has refused most of my homemade foods. Even foods he loved when I first introduced them! And if a food isn’t just the right thickness and texture – forget it!

But… he will eat anything from a jar… or pouch like Buddy Fruits Pure Blended Fruits! I am thankful for the new pouch foods on the market. They make feeding on the go easy. You don’t even need a spoon, if your baby can figure out how to suck from the spout. And if your baby doesn’t finish the whole pouch, just screw on the lid and save it for later! I’ll give you one story of how squeezable food pouches are lifesavers.

During the Christmas rush-season, I was sent samples of Buddy Fruits to review. I was excited, because this was just when our boy started becoming picky about what he ate, coupled with all the traveling during the holidays. I tucked a few in each diaper bag for “emergencies,” and of course we tried them at home too.

One day, I had a million errands that took forever, one of which was a stop at the Post Office. Of course there was a line a MILE long out the door, and silly me decided to carry my 22 lb. baby in the carrier. And of course you know me with germs, I could NOT put that carrier down on the floor of the post office! Since the day had gotten so busy, it was exactly lunch time when we ended up stuck in line, but I had to get this errand done! So, as I held the carrier slung over one arm, dug out a Buddy Fruit pouch with the other, and let my baby suck down a nice lunch of Multifruit! He loved it, and I had easy clean up. Got a few impressed looks from the other people in line too, at my one-handed feeding!

Buddy Fruits came about when a French chef and his wife toured the U.S. one summer with their baby. They looked for the fruit pouches that were so popular in Europe, but in 2007, could not find them here in the United States. So they decided to bring this traveling food concept to our land!

Buddy Fruits are 100% fruit – they contain NO preservatives, colorings, additives, fat, genetic modification, artificial flavorings, dairy or gluten! And, one Buddy Fruit pouch is equal to one serving of fruit! With four fun flavors to pick from (Cinnamon, Strawberry, Banana, Multifruit), it’s easy to get your kids to eat fruit. I think they taste great (yeah, adult can sneak a few sips too!) and clearly my baby does because he gets really excited when he sees me pull a pouch out for him!
There are so many ways to use Buddy Fruits – some people have even suggested pouring them on top of pancakes instead of syrup! In the future, I hope they make Buddy Vegetables, because I’d love to feed my baby dinner this way too!
Buy It: Many stores like Whole Foods and Walgreens carry Buddy Fruits individually, and you can also buy online at or – a box of 18 pouches are $20.95.

Win It: One lucky reader will get a box of 18 Buddy Fruits – don’t forget to share! (Thanks, Buddy Fruits!)

Disclosure: I was sent samples to facilitate writing this post. I was not compensated in any other way, and all opinions are 100% my own.