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Baby’s Laughter!

The strangest things make our baby laugh. Last night, he kept laughing when Uncle Dave asked if he wanted some baby cousins. The phrase “baby cousins” just made him bust a gut.
Frequently he will just laugh when you look at him, or make funny noises, or hold him over your head… I’m not sure if this is normal baby behavior, but I feel like he laughs a LOT!

And then there was the day a few weeks ago when he was being really fussy and I jokingly (half-jokingly!) said to him, “Baby, you and I need to come to an understanding here – you WILL listen to your mama!” He shrieked with laughter – I was a little unnerved at the timing of that laugh! Could he possibly have understood what I was saying? Goodness, I hope not!

Instead of a Photo of the Week – I’m posting this video of another thing that makes him laugh – when I do “baby exercises” with him and lift his arms over his head – it makes him erupt into giggles every time!

What makes your baby laugh? (Or made them laugh if your “babies” are older!) Please share in the comments section!


Friday 11th of June 2010

The sound of a baby laughing is one of the very best sounds in the whole wide world. :)[email protected]