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Five Reasons I Love Moraki Cloth Diapers

Five Reasons I Love Moraki Cloth Diapers

It’s good I had another baby last year. Because I just found another awesome diaper I’d love to stock up on! Moraki Cloth Diapers are a new California brand offering a one-size All-in-2 / Pocket diaper. Charlie, mom of 3, created these diapers for her “moraki mou” (That’s Greek for “my baby”)… and here’s five reasons I love them!

**Updated to add… since writing this post, Moraki has gone out of business. You will likely find these diapers only sold used. I still maintain they are amazing diapers and if you can get your hands on some in good condition, do so! Moraki Cloth Diapers

5 Reasons I love Moraki Cloth Diapers!


Natural fiber inserts – made from Hemp / Cotton, the Moraki inserts come in four sizes: booster, small, medium, and one size / overnight. I love the concept of the one size insert to save money! And the more you wash them, the thicker and softer they feel! Drying time is also reduced because the inserts are made with the opening seen above to allow air to flow through!

As a one-size pocket diaper, a Moraki cloth diaper can be used as a pocket diaper with an envelope style opening to agitate out the inserts (love!) OR as a cover to lay the insert into and reuse the cover a few times. These diapers are rated to fit children 5-40 lbs. For which I am SO grateful as I still have two in diapers, and our toddler is outgrowing some of his other one-size diapers.

Handmade diapers. Well, isn’t that sweet? I tell you, these diapers are SO well made, I almost didn’t think they were made by hand! And the owner / founder, Charlie, who created Moraki diapers for her children even still does some topstitching.

American-sourced materials. As much as possible, Moraki uses materials from American suppliers, most of whom are family owned , U.S. manufacturers. I always love to use and buy American products!


Oh the cuteness of these Moraki Cloth Dipaers!

Here’s my son, loving his Moraki holiday Elephant diaper. Isn’t he – I mean, this diaper – so cute? Moraki promises more adorable prints to come! And they deliver with this snowman diaper!

Moraki Cloth Diapers

It’s too bad that Moraki Cloth is now out of business. But the used cloth diaper market is booming, so try to find these in your local sale groups or on eBay! Here’s a few other cloth diapers I could recommend in their place (affiliate links):

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Thanks to Moraki Cloth for sending product to review! All opinions are 100% my own!

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Michelle Hammonds

Tuesday 12th of February 2013

I have purchased several brands of cloth diapers for my newborn daughter (1.5 weeks). I haven't used them all yet or had enough time to decide on my favorite, but I am definitely willing to try something new.


Tuesday 12th of February 2013

I'd like to add more natural fibers to my stash of mostly bG 4.0's. I like that Moraki diapers are made in the USA!


Tuesday 12th of February 2013

We hate wet tummies so we love the tummy panel!

Carolyn K

Monday 11th of February 2013

I haven't settled on a favorite brand yet. I love that these can fit babies up to 40 lbs!

Kristina S

Monday 11th of February 2013

I have tried a lot of different cloth diapers and always love trying new ones.