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DAD’S Log: First Father’s Day!

June is usually a fairly busy month for me. There a few birthdays to forget and then send belated wishes….school is winding down….the garden needs tending…summer plans to make…a “honey-do list” the size of the Library of Congress…and of course Father’s Day. Although technically my second, (We found out we were expecting prior to father’s day last year and waited until father’s day to tell our parents.) it is my first father’s day with Asher.

Hmmm…what to expect from Asher…the classic “tie?”….or maybe some aftershave? (don’t wear any)…undershirts?….meat?…(my apologies to the vegan followers)…Swedish fish?…what does a 4 month old get his dad? What could he possibly be thinking?…I mean how well does he know me?…I try to talk to him but he is always looking somewhere else with that head-bob thing and an occasional head butt…where does he get money?…I know what my allowance is…what is his?…hmmm…this first father’s day is really turning into  mystery!

This is exciting. A nice relaxing day is all I want because…I have all I need. A beautiful and loving wife, a healthy and handsome son, great parents and in-laws, family, friends, and a loving Father in heaven. What more could anyone ask for?