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DAD’S Log: First Muzak..Now THIS!

During a trip to a well known baby mega-store something caught my eye….enough to wake me from my zombie-like stupor pushing a shopping cart.

There it was…in the music section…with the typical CD’s of lullaby’s. I was like..”What?..Huh?!..No Way!..80’s songs in lullabies!”

Now, who in their right mind would take an 80’s song and be like “Hmmm..ya know, if we slowed this down and softened the tones…this could work”? Seriously people! Picture this: A father delicately places his child into his crib. “Here little one..sweet dreams.” Cut to audio: Sunday, Bloody Sunday by U2?! Good night, indeed, as visions of Bono dance in your head. Yikes!

So, of course, I had to listen to the samples. I admit, it was difficult for me to recognize the 80’s song in lullaby form. I would have to say, they weren’t that bad…very peaceful…even I could fall asleep to this. Then again…I can fall asleep to a jackhammer.

It was funny to listen to those songs in lullaby form. I’ll just stick to the basics such as Go To Sleep…Now! by yours truly.
So, do you think that you would recognize a favorite song or two if they were transformed into a lullaby? Which 80’s or 90’s song do you think would be an silly/ironic a lullaby? How about Enter Sandman by Metallica?