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DAD’S LOG: Time…slow down!!!

My last post got me thinking…stop laughing…about time. Such as in where did all the time go since the last Dad’s log? And that people always say “time flies by!” One thing is that it is amazing how that three part(baby) really eats up time, in a good way.

If you really think about it…what is time? Now….I could get pretty deep scientifically…. but I wouldn’t want to waste too much time on it. So I will keep it simple: Time can be explained as the measurement of some standard, typically based upon the motion of said standard. You know…day turns to night….sunrise-midday-sunset…tick-tock of a grandfather clock.

Time can also be seen in the growth and development of our child. It is practically daily he is growing out of clothes and filling in new ones. (Not to mention, filling those cloth diapers!) Bigger, brighter eyes…hands and fingers that a can grip a little…a little double kick of the legs…rolling over from tummy to backside…holding his head up and surveying his environment…or better yet to turn and look for Mom or for Dad…oh, so precious these moments….and this time.

Like most good things that you want to last…it doesn’t, it slips by and is gone. I guess that is why many of my friends and family warned that “it goes by quick”, and to “enjoy every moment” and “take lots of pictures” or like a co-worker of mine recently stated “see what you get to look forward to in sixteen years” (while pointing to his newly dented car hood!)

Sixteen years!……did you say…sixteen years!….dude…..I just want to get to the time where he sleeps through the night! No need to warp speed to driving a car. Let me just take my….time…and savor the time….that I spend with my family. So time…could you take some…time off?

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