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DAD’S LOG: Top 5 Rookie Dad Mistakes.

After 3+ months of my “rookie season” of being a Dad there certainly has been plenty to “learn on the fly” and there is no greater teacher than experience they say. (I think that “they” talk too much!)  So here is a quick little list of “mistakes” I have made and maybe some other rookie dads have as well.

5. Being Inflexible. I am not talking about stretching out, although I do need to do that more often. No I am talking about following the “book to the letter” when it comes to newborn care. For the most part reading up on newborn care is a great idea. However, those books were not written about your child and usually represent an ideal situation or some sort of programmable robot child. Another thing is that sometimes there are contrary views and opinions! Now what do you do?! So upon further review, reading up great is great for broad ideas. Be like Bruce Lee creating Jeet Kune Doo, see what works for you and your child and go with that, forget the rest.

4. Being a Zombie. Somehow try to discipline yourself to snap into a functional human being on the the drop of a dime, especially during the wee hours of the morning. Literally wee hours. I definitely had my ups and downs with getting up and helping out during these critical hours. It is not a dream! There is a baby to feed, change, or soothe. It is not a dream!  For any soon-to-be-dads I recommend setting your alarm to wake up 2 hours after you go to bed. Immediately get up, walk over to the bassinet, pick up the baby (try an oblong-ish water balloon, it kind of trains you for the floppiness of a newborn), walk around the house for about 1/2 hour, put the baby back down, go to sleep. Repeat often.

3. Being Ill-Prepared. Know where everything is in the house that you need for the baby at any given moment. You will need it or someone you love dearly will. The most important would be diapers and wipes. For me there have been a few instances where there were no diapers or wipes within reach or they were not at the ready. Sometimes there are waves of “poopies” and if you get caught watching the paint dry…well I’ll just let you imagination go with that. I’ve learned to lay everything out before the removal of the soiled diaper, know where it is going, which hand is doing what, which way I’ll turn, and have an extra set of clothes ready too, in case of collateral damage.

2. Being Really Ill-Prepared. We have a boy…and….well…sometimes the fountain of youth erupts! So as you are focused on one thing, (See #3) the other gets you, your shirt, the wall…you name it. Cover…enough said. I think they even sell industrial strength pee-pee covers!

1. Being Stupid. Under no circumstances do not….I repeat..DO NOT….utter the words..”I’m tired” when engaged in a conversation with your wife! Even if she asks you!! Do Not Say It!! You may in fact be tired…but there is no way you are more tired than your wife! Try to change the topic to Olympic curling or something.

Hope you enjoyed these mistakes. Feel free to share your new parent mishaps! (leave a comment below)!