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Easy DIY Butterfly Treat Bags for Easter

Just a quick little treat for you all before the weekend!

I was playing around with our leftover Surf Sweets naturally sweetened candies from my son’s Shark Birthday Party (be sure to check out the shark birthday cake we made with the Surf Sweets Gummi Rings and other treats!).

Anyway… we had a lot of jellybeans and party favor candy packets leftover after the party. I had my son spend a little time sorting colors – that was fun, and it’s always a great hands-on activity for kids (provided they’re old enough to refrain from gobbling all the candies! We had to do this activity while my two year old was napping!).

DIY Butterfly Easter Treat Bags

Then we created a pretty layered jar of jellybeans – perfect for a centerpiece… or just snacking, as my son told me!

After that, I realized the party favors packs were perfect for a little craft that I could then hand out to my Sunday School kids on Easter / Resurrection Sunday!

I’m sure you’ve seen before where people take a snack bag and use a clothespin to create a butterfly? Well, this is a similar idea. So easy. So fast!

Easy DIY Butterfly Easter Treat Bags

DIY Butterfly Easter Treat BagsDIY Butterfly Easter Treat Bags

I placed some springy green washi tape on the clothespins first. I tried the googly eyes and pipe cleaner antenna, but frankly I liked the simpler look better.

Then just slide some of the candies to the right and some to the left in the little snack packs. Scrunch the clothespin over the “cleared” area and squish it all in until you can close the clothespin! Yes, it’s really that easy!

Voila! Butterflies!!

DIY Butterfly Easter Treat Bags

I think my Sunday School class is going to really like these Butterfly Easter treat bags. Plus, butterflies are a perfect way to explain the concept of rebirth and new life to little kids. And who doesn’t love a butterfly? Especially one filled with candy!

And good news! Surf Sweets jellybean snack packs have just a few candies in them (19 in the regular snack packs, but in these little party treat packs only about 6!), so kids aren’t getting overwhelmed with a lot of sweets. And they’re made by Surf Sweets which means:

  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • No Corn Syrup
  • No Gluten
  • No GMO

Just real fruit juice sweetened candies, in delicate colors derived from plants like turmeric and black carrot! These candies are soft and chewy, and actually have a nice fruity FLAVOR, not just a sugar rush!! The jellybean flavors include: Grapefruit, Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, and Grape! Yum!

Plus the jellybeans are fortified with Vitamin C – I mean, if you’re going to give out a little candy, at least have the boost of C! Right!?

Enjoy! And Happy Spring! I think it is FINALLY here in Connecticut!

DIY Butterfly Easter Treat BagsThank you to Surf Sweets who sent products for review. All opinions are my own.