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Bold and Bright: Fall Toddler Clothes from Zutano

My littlest bit is not so little anymore. He’s four this fall, and standing on the far edge of toddlerhood. He’s grown into a bold and bright little boy, and he insists on clothes to match his personality! These fall toddler clothes from Zutano fit the bill.fall winter toddler clothesThis post is in partnership with Zutano and product samples were received.

Bold and Bright fall toddler styles from Zutanofall-winter-toddler-clothes-cu

My oldest will wear just about anything I toss at him in the mornings. My youngest, that four-year-old fireball? He has certain, shall we say… requirements.

Try to dress my toddler-cum-teenager, and these are the playing rules:

Soft pants. Or, Shorts, if at all, in any way, possible. (And believe me, he’s a master at trying to convince me on a 40 degree, Sunday morning that cut off sweatpants shorts are somehow, “okay.”)

No tags.

No rivets. Guess what, that means jeans are out! Jeans! Quintessential boy wear! Nope. He’s not doing it. 

Must. Be. Orange. 

It’s a bit limiting right!?

Thank goodness for Zutano. Designed by fellow parents, the know the struggle of dealing with toddler drama when it comes to getting kids dressed. They know kids are easily irritated by itchy tags and seams (but often too little to express that), so they design their clothing with ultimate comfort in mind with either printed tags or soft and silky ones!

Soft is the key with Zutano clothing, and their knitwear pieces are squishably soft from day one, and just get cozier with washing.

And? They know color is king in a toddler’s world. Their clothing features bold, bright solids, so your child can happily wear their favorite color. And then mix or match it with playful, unique prints in the same bright tones.fall-winter-toddler-clothes-collage

Give toddlers a little freedom of expression with clothing!

My son asks for his orange Matchstick Jeans (shh, don’t tell him that’s their name!) every day, and is sad when they are in the laundry. The Matchstick Jeans are just tailored enough to pass as dressy casual, so he can wear them to church and not look sloppy (bright, yes! sloppy, no!).

And the little periwinkle blue French Terry zipper jacket? Not only adds to the coordinated look and gives an extra layer of warmth for the fall, but… was a lesson in color pairings as well! I explained complimentary colors to him. So whenever he’s sad that his orange pants need washing, he’s somewhat mollified that he’s wearing Orange’s Best Friend: Blue!

He loves how the Stellar Stripe long sleeved shirt has orange in it too. These coordinates teach him about matching, and how it doesn’t have to be “exact.” but just similar colors. Because all the Zutano clothes mix and match so well, it’s easy to give him a little freedom of expression with clothing.

Know what else Zutano gives kids? Freedom of movement too! Kids at this age are all about being on-the-floor, tumbling, climbing, in constant motion. Zutano clothing lets them move freely.

The only thing I wish Zutano would do!? Make clothes for kids older than 4T!! I am going to miss Zutano clothing terribly after this year, I just know it!

How about your kids? Any special clothing requests!? How do you handle dressing drama with toddlers!? fall-winter-toddler-clothes-zutano-pin

This post is sponsored by Zutano and I received samples in exchange. All opinions are my own. 


Nicole Elliott ~ Client

Thursday 27th of October 2016

These clothes are so cute! And so funny, my youngest is like this too! He only will wear "soft pants" even at 6, oy!! Kiddos these days ;) :D

Nicole Elliott

Thursday 27th of October 2016

Ha! Sorry about my name--it defaulted to that from when I comment on Social Fabric blog posts, hehe! :D


Tuesday 18th of October 2016

Great pictures, showcasing his personality! :)

Trisha W.

Tuesday 18th of October 2016

He looks very cute and comfy in those clothes.