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Your Guide to Young Living Essential Oils

As I grow in my use of essential oils, I’ll be posting and sharing about how I use these wonderful oils for a variety of uses!

This page will be your “index” to all things oily on my site, so it’s a great place to start!

Beginner’s Guides to Essential Oils

Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils 101

Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Ways to use Essential Oils Every Day

Using Essential Oils Safely With Children

DIY Essential Oils foaming handsoap recipe

stay tuned for more links coming soon! 

How can I buy Young Living Essential Oils?

1. Retail: Pay retail price on any oil via the Young Living website.

2. Wholesale: At 24% off retail, this is the way to go! Is there a catch? No – wholesale members have no commitment to sell or buy on a regular basis. You just buy a starter kit and agree to purchase an additional $50 in product within your first year. Plus, you’ll be included in a whole network of support for oilers where you can ask questions and get more information!

Here’s a few options for joining as a wholesale member:

Premium Starter Kit ($150) – Seriously the best deal going! I purchased this kit that comes with the Diffuser and the set of 10 Everyday Essential Oils. These oils cover all the basic needs you’ll have for oiling, so you can try out a variety of uses (health, relaxation, etc). Lots of “extras” in this kit, like information packets, samples, and the Stress Away roller, too!

Basic Plus Starter Kit ($75) – You get the diffuser and the Stress Away roller, plus info and samples. Definitely cheaper, but you’re not getting to try out as many oils right off the bat.

Basic Starter Kit ($40) – Stress Away roller, info and samples.

young living essential oils

Interested? Sign up to purchase Young Living Oils – this link will take you to a sign up form with my referral code pre-entered!

Questions about Young Living or Essential Oils?

Please email me, or stay tuned for more posts as I discuss why to use oils, why to use Young Living, and how essential oils have become an “essential” part of our family wellness plan!

DIY Essential Oil foaming handsoap recipe

Wednesday 17th of September 2014

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Using Essential Oils Safely With Children

Friday 11th of July 2014

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