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It’s hard not to compare…

I don’t compare my kids really. But I do sort of.

I compare their birth stories:

A – natural delivery, no pain medication, no wires, 9 hours of hard labor, 2 hours of pushing, very focused. Followed by a lengthy and tiring recovery that lasted months! You can read his birth story here.

E – natural, no pain medication, tons of wires/monitors, antibiotics, pitocin, about 1 hour of intense labor, and 20 minutes of pushing, very frantic! Followed by a somewhat easier recovery due to taking iron. You can read his birth story here.

It’s hard to tell them apart in their newborn photos though, isn’t it?I compare their sleep habits:

A – cried all the time, needed constant rocking, fussy and borderline colicky. Intense fussing around dinnertime. Woke to breastfeed about every hour and a half at night for months!

E – cries when his binky falls out, sometimes needs to be held to soothe, occasionally fussy at dinnertime. Already on a good sleeping schedule at night, waking just two times to nurse.

I compare my breastfeeding experiences:

A – excrutiatingly painful for about 12 weeks, multiple interventions/consultants/support groups, discovery of tongue-tie. I dreaded EVERY hunger cry until I had completely healed around the 16 week mark.

E – very painful for about 5 weeks (similar to the first time, but I had more strategies and resources this time!), one consultation, no tongue-tie, at 12 weeks now, I don’t even think about it – when he seems hungry, I feed him.

I compare their newborn looks (you can sort of see eye color difference above):

A – was quite jaundiced when he was born, so his early photos he looks quite red. He had a bit more longish hair that eventually fell out, and distinctly blue eyes from day one and they stayed that way (if not getting even lighter blue a bit). Everyone says he looks like my husband’s side of the family.

E – only slightly jaundiced, had a perfectly formed round head, very short hair evenly all over his head. His eye color has shifted from dark blue-“ish” to brown, hazel, gray… we have no idea what his true eye color will be at this point! People say he looks like my side of the family, even like me around the eyes. (Me, I can’t tell either way, but I think both boys look very much alike, except for the eye color).

And the love? the joy? the happiness? (the exhaustion!), the smiles? – oh, it’s much much much the same… only doubled!

Do you find your kids tend to be more similar, or more different? Isn’t it fun to watch them grow into their own little person?