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Keep your family out of the Emergency Room with PhysicianOne Urgent Care

Keep your family out of the Emergency Room with PhysicianOne Urgent Care

This post was sponsored by PhysicianOne Urgent Care as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Nobody likes to take themselves or their child to the doctor’s office, for obvious reasons. And don’t those sore throats, strange rashes, and sports injuries always happen “after hours” from your family doctor? Of course they do! But you can keep your family out of the emergency room with the convenience of your local PhysicianOne Urgent Care.

Keep Your Family Out of the Emergency Room

Keep your family out of the Emergency Room with PhysicianOne Urgent Care

Save valuable family time

Keep Your Family Out of the Emergency Room

When we’re enjoying life together as a family, the last thing I want is to spend the day sitting in a waiting room! The main thing about going to the doctor’s office or the ER is the sheer amount of time it sucks up! We’ve personally experienced hours of waiting, cranky children, and cancelled plans resulting from an evening ER visit. Finally, one day I remembered the new PhysicianOne Urgent Care just a short drive from us in Glastonbury, CT! On a Saturday afternoon, when my son developed an infection I was sure was strep, I remembered to take him there instead of the ER! Good call, because he was onboarded, tested, and we were home within an hour with a prescription!

Accessible healthcare for busy families is a must, and PhysicianOne has extended hours to fit our schedule. And, of course, all those unscheduled episodes!

Save your health-care budget money

If you’ve ever been to an ER, you know the resulting bill will knock you off your feet! I could kick myself the last time I brought our son to the ER for a painful stomach I worried was appendicitis (it wasn’t). Our bill was over $1,200!! (Yeah, I had to take a seat for that one). By comparison, a visit to a PhysicianOne Urgent Care will likely run around $150, depending on the type of service. Given that my son had only needed a stomach palpitation, I’m sure I could’ve saved us a boatload of money if I’d remembered to start at our local PhysicianOne Urgent Care!

Whether you’re caring for babies or your elderly parents, families can use PhysicianOne Urgent Care for any non-life-threatening illness or injury.

Save yourself the hassle

Keep Your Family Out of the Emergency Room

Suppose your child takes a spill on the ball field and needs a check for a possible broken bone. Or a family member needs a fast remedy for pink eye or strep. Emergency Rooms are often booked or slow, and regular doctor’s offices can take some calendar juggling to work you in. However, PhysicanOne Urgent Care has online check-in that shows how many people are in line and average wait time. You can check-in before leaving the house. When you arrive, you will already be in the system and the providers will be expecting you!

Or, you don’t even need an appointment – just drive on over! Although they aren’t open 24 hours, PhsyicanOne Urgent Care is open 365 days a year and has extended hours beyond traditional doctor’s offices.

Plus, PhysicanOne Urgent Care centers have X-ray, labs, IV services and shots available so you’re not going to be sent to various floors and departments to get the care you need like you might in an ER.

Get youth sports physicals done on time!

Keep Your Family Out of the Emergency Room

Fall is a busy time for doctor’s offices because everyone is trying to get their child’s sports physicals done. Why not check into your local PhysicanOne Urgent Care and get them done at your convenience!? Right now, there’s a promotion for $35 youth sports physicals until September 15th!

Doctors meeting your needs with compassion and respect

What is Urgent Care anyway? You can find out here, and read the philosophy of PhsyicanOne Urgent Care on their About Us page. If you’re unsure whether you should be at the Emergency Room instead, call 855.349.2828.

In a nutshell, the idea behind PhysicianOne Urgent Care was born when three Emergency Room doctors saw patients needed a better option for healthcare of non-life threatening injuries and illnesses. They saw an opportunity to treat patients at a fraction of the cost and time.

Since opening in Southbury, CT in 2008, the core mission is the same: “To provide uncompromising, convenient care with a team of friendly and compassionate professionals that treats each patient with the kindness and respect they deserve.”

Now that’s the kind of caring and convenient healthcare I want for my family! And, of course, keeping our family out of the Emergency Room is another plus!

What PhysicianOne Urgent Care services could your family take advantage of?

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Keep Your Family Out of the Emergency Room