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Latch On! Euphoria Maternity Nursing Swimsuit Review

It’s hard enough to find fashionable nursing tops, and then you find yourself nursing in the summer, with invitations to the beach or pool. You know how tenaciously a wet suit can stick to your skin? Trying to wear a swimsuit while nursing can be problem-making! What’s a nursing mom to do?

Check out, an eco-friendly online boutique! The goal of this family business is “to provide eco-savvy moms with stylish maternity clothes, easy-to-use nursing clothes, and a wide-variety of safe, environmentally wise products for baby (sister site:”
I’ve ordered several items from them, including my favorite nursing pj’s and Fresh Baby freezer trays! Since it’s summer and I love the water, I had to get a swimsuit and once again Euphoria Maternity came through with the perfect tankini for a breastfeeding mom!
The charcoal and lime colored Blissful Babes tankini I ordered has a great fit – the top has good coverage and sports bra support (which is fine for me, even though I am larger due to nursing). I liked how the double layer top lifts up to let you nurse without having to bare your whole belly. Even the bikini bottom offered coverage for post-baby body –rising higher than most swim bottoms to tuck and slim you in!
The water guppy in me liked that I could actually SWIM in this suit without anything riding up or down getting in and out of the pool! The fabric is smooth and slimming nylon/spandex. I must note, since the top has a double layer , drying time was longer, but when I hung it from the top layer, letting the bottom layer hang down, drying time improved.

The Blissful Babes suit is one I can still wear next year even if I’m no longer nursing, so I think it’s a great find for nursing moms! We’re halfway through summer, but there are plenty of reasons (tons of sunshine days left!) to get a nursing swimsuit – warmer climate readers perhaps, or winter vacations, or even planning ahead to next year, expectant moms!

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