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Mother, in so many words – a simple DIY Gift for Mom

I loved Mother’s Day before I was a mom. Even those years I waited to be a mom, I loved this day. I loved a day to tell my mom I loved her especially. That she was a good mom. And I’m sure I didn’t even do a great job of telling her (once I broke half her dishes trying to put them away as my gift for Mom!! haha!), but I still liked that my mom had “a day.”

I don’t think Mother’s Day needs to be overly complicated or expensive. But it certainly is nice to pause and say thank you.

A simple word. A card. A phone call.

simple diy gift for mom

I’m pretty excited that recently I joined the Intel 2 in 1 Smart Squad blogger team. I just got my new Intel 2in1 laptop, and boy is it cool (and kind of like a Mother’s Day gift to me!!). This computer is a laptop AND a tablet – you get the best of both worlds and just pick whichever is best for the moment! It’s incredibly lightweight, making bringing it along on my trip to the coffee shop a breeze!

I had to laugh because, the thin, streamlined design is SO thin, when I got to the coffee shop and looked for it, I almost thought I’d left it at home, because it blended in with the catalogs I had brought with me! Yep, it’s about as thin as a magazine! Plus the extra long-life battery means I could have stayed at that coffee shop all day working (or playing) on my new Intel 2in1… too bad I had other things to do!

I’ve been thinking of all sorts of projects I can work on with this machine (including my writing workshop series!). And I just had to make something for Mother’s Day as my first project! So I came up with a simple DIY gift for mom you can make right now. In about fifteen minutes. With your computer and your printer.

Create a simple DIY Gift for mom

Visit a word cloud site like Word Art and type in a dozen or so words that describe your mother.

Hit create, and a word cloud image will populate.

Choose your fonts, colors, sizes and shape.

Hit randomize as often as you like to see variations. (you can’t go back to previous versions though so if you like something, save it!)

When you get a look you like, save to your computer!

simple diy gift for mom

Now you can print your Mother’s Day word cloud and do so many things with it.

    • Share to social media
    • Print onto cardstock to create a card
    • Print and frame and give to your mom
    • Use the image to create a number of printable gift ideas online

I love this gift idea because it’s simple, and because the words are chosen by you, it’s personalized and heartfelt.

simple diy gift for mom

Download this FREE Mother’s Day Word Cloud

No time to create your own cloud? No problem. I’ve done it for you! Just grab this graphic (right-click and save), print and frame! 

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Sunday 10th of May 2015

i love this julie! i may make one for myself!!


Sunday 10th of May 2015

i love this julie! i may make one for myself!!