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Organize Health Goals with FREE apps

Whether you’re trying to remember to take your vitamins every day (raises hand!), stick to a workout routine, or check in with your doctor more regularly… we all could use a little help to organize health goals!

Just the other day, I waltzed into my doctor’s office- after a leisurely coffee with my mom at the bookstore next door – so proud of myself for being fifteen minutes early. As I started filling out my forms, the receptionist flatly stated, “Your appointment was at two.” So… I was actually fifteen minutes LATE! And I had been right next door thinking I was EARLY!?! How did that happen? Easy… I didn’t check my calendar, but instead went off the time I thought I remembered! Yikes. Way off!

It’s so easy to get distracted, think we have more than enough time, or that we’ll simply “remember” that very important appointment. There’s got to be a better way!!

There is… you know, I used to wonder HOW could technology and my natural living goals ever work together!? One seemed to cancel out the other… but I am learning that judicial use of technology can support my goals…

organize health goals

Organize Health Goals with these FREE apps!

I’ve been using these apps to organize health goals of various kinds. I find them useful, easy, and best of all… FREE!organize health goalsGoogle Calendar – I know, I know, I could be SO happy with a beautiful Erin Condren… but I’d probably leave it somewhere and then where would I be? No… sadly, this pen and paper girl finds Google calendar works so much better for tracking all our family “events.” We enter all our family doctor appointments in the app, using various colors for each person and for each category (homeschool, health, blogging, etc). I “schedule” time for workouts and family outdoor time. Because I can create various calendars, I can see what “appointments” are for health reasons just by the color. This helps me get a birds eye view of how often we’re engaging in healthy activities, and also see important doctor visits clearly! – I love this little app! It’s like a digitized checklist. Simpler than many “to do list” apps out there (I tried a few). Syncs between desktop and mobile so you can use back and forth on any device. Lets you list out tasks, file them under larger Projects, and set deadlines and recurring activities. You can even “share” tasks with other people so you work as a team. I like to set recurring reminders to take vitamins every day, and go for a walk every other day, and be sure to add important healthy foods to my ongoing grocery list. If it’s on my list (or should I say my ToDoIst!?), I generally make time for it! (Free, but with upgrade feature available).

Map My Run – Perfect for logging specific details of workouts actually completed. This app lets me track my pace and distance, and a bunch of other cool facts about each workout. For people who like to talk about how much they workout… this app will reveal whether you’re actually getting it done!

There are tons of health and fitness apps out there, and certainly more could be on this list, but these are the ones I’ve been using with regularity and that have worked for me.

organize health goalsWhat would you add to the list of must-have apps to organize health goals? 

You can organize your health goals, and win prizes too!

The We Dare You to Share contests are back this month! Challenge yourself to set goals and create routines to organize health goals and achieve a better you!

organize health goals

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