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How we go shopping / camping / picnicking with Pelican Pro Gear

No. I am not a deep sea fisherman! But if I were, I have a fantastic cooler for the job, courtesy of Pelican Pro Gear!

When Pelican Pro Gear contacted me to review their products, I immediately thought their coolers would be perfect for our camping trips.

pelican pro gear cooler

For one, we usually lock all the food up in the car at night, because you never know when a bear will be sniffing about our campsite. But Pelican Pro Gear coolers are bear resistant certified from the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (it’s a real thing, look it up!). Now, we’re grateful that our food will be safe, BUT more importantly, bears will be safer because we won’t be provoking a bear-human encounter, or helping condition them to human food, which is dangerous to their survival. 

Also, some of the places we camp are quite remote. So we have to pack in all our food, or drive an hour to the store – no thanks. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to keep meat cold outside your freezer for 5-7 days, but it’s next to impossible. We buy bags of ice daily while camping, and still we’ve had food go kinda south on us.

Our 35-quart Pelican Pro Gear cooler has up to 10 days ice retention (that’s the testing on the larger model, but I’m sure this one will be sufficient for our 5-7 day trips). Now we can bring all our frozen meat for the week and not be constantly worried about spoilage.Keep food safe Pelican Pro Gear coolers

Other great features of our Pelican Pro Gear cooler include:

Press & Pull latches (wide for gloved hands, which I guess fishermen can appreciate, but also fire-gloves while camping are a bit bulky)

Dual handle system (molded-in for two-person carry, hinged for one person)

Molded in lock hasp with a stainless steel plate

Molded in tie-downs (handy for boating AND camping!)

Sloped drain and threaded plug (you can attach a short garden hose for easier drainage away from your picnic table!)

Guaranteed for life!

I take my Pelican Pro Gear cooler grocery shopping… really!

Pelican Pro Gear Cooler around town

But I’m not letting this cool cooler (ha) sit around until camping time. I’m using it for our multi-store grocery trips! You see, we like to save money by getting the best deals at several different stores. I used to have to go out several times to accomplish this, because I could hardly let the milk I got at one store sit in the car while I bought cheese and eggs at a better price at another store – could I?

Now, I load the cooler with a big chunk of ice (we like to freeze a big block in a cut out milk carton or plastic container) and put my perishables in the cooler while we make a few stops.

And now, if we happen to want to stop at the park and let the kids run around for thirty minutes? We can!

Plus, picnics at the beach are going to be a treat with ice-cold beverages and snacks, despite the sun and heat! This cooler is the perfect size for a big family lunch (plus ice!).

Many uses for Pelican Pro Gear coolersPelican Pro Gear is a US company that assembles their products in the United States with a mix of US and foreign components. They also make cases for other items like phones, tablets, cameras, guns, gear, as well as lights from a small flashlight to remote lighting systems! Any gear you might want to keep protected from the outdoor elements, Pelican Pro Gear probably has a case or product for you!

What outdoor activities could you use a Pelican Pro Gear cooler for!?

This is a partnered post with Pelican Pro Gear and I received product in exchange for writing this post. All opinions are my own.



Friday 16th of May 2014

And I never knew a cooler could be cool. Well, ha ha, not cool as in cold, but cool as in cooooool. hee hee. :)


Friday 16th of May 2014

And I never knew a cooler could be cool. Well, ha ha, not cool as in cold, but cool as in cooooool. hee hee. :)