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EcoStoreUSA Review

I live with a chemist. It’s nice to have this kind of a resource close by. Like if in the middle of the night, I wonder how it is that salt can melt ice… well, then I just “turn and talk” to the person next to me… my husband!

I’m always asking my husband about the compositions of ingredients in our foods and products. How different chemicals interact with each other. As he says, “What in the world ISN’T chemistry?” Everything is a chemical. It’s just some chemicals are more harmful than others. For example, sodium fluoride (links to infertility), and dioxins (found in diapers, links to nervous system disorders).

I attempt to go “all-natural” and “organic” as much as I can afford. I just think it’s gotta be healthier for you, right? Plus, I’m trying to make my cabinets “baby-friendly” and limit harsh chemical cleaners, since you know how babies like to get into everything! I like products with ingredients I can pronounce and recognize (and know are safe!). The basics, old-school, before our world became crazy about the pre-fab, overly flavored, and highly preserved! So, it’s important to me to find products that limit or eliminate the use of harmful chemicals that get ingested or absorbed into the body. And doubly so with limiting the exposure my baby gets to chemicals as he is developing.

That’s why I was pretty pleased when EcoStoreUSA sent me two products to review.

My experience: I tried EcoStore’s Sleepytime Bath for our little one’s bedtime bathing… the fragrance of lavender (my favorite!) is warm, soothing, and “fresh” smelling. Probably because it contains REAL lavender, geranium, and eucalyptus oils (and very little else!). I loved how silky the bath solution made the water feel. I am thinking of stealing a capful for my OWN bath!

I also tried EcoStore’s Baby Nappy Balm (only 5 simple ingredients!), and as suggested, applied some to a few patches of dry, irritated skin he gets on the back of his head. The Nappy Balm definitely worked to soothe the area for a few days (unfortunately, he is prone to these eczema patches so they come and go). I was impressed by how smoothly it went on without leaving greasy residue, especially because I put it on his hairline, and usually products clump up there.

About the Company:
EcoStoreUSA specializes in home, body, baby and pet care products that use “No Nasty Chemicals” – that is, chemicals that don’t biodegrade, have been linked to skin irritations, allergic reactions, or hormone disruptions (among other side effects). Here’s what you WON’T find in their products (read why not!)

  • NO toxic petrochemicals
  • NO Enzymes
  • NO Optical Whiteners
  • NO synthetic perfumes or dyes
  • NO Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
  • NO Phosphates*
  • NO Chlorine
  • NO Ammonia
  • NO TEA, DEA or MEA
  • NO parabens
  • NO propylene glycol

Instead EcoStoreUSA uses plant-based ingredients, eliminating the need to use toxic chemicals as cleaning agents. As a result, EcoStore has had testimonials from parents noting that their children’s allergies, eczemas, and other chronic conditions were clearing up! EcoStore also aims to keep their products affordable; they understand the extra expense of purchasing organic products, and their products are concentrated so “a little goes a long way.”

If you’re looking for a more “natural” route when purchasing household cleaners, or personal care products, check out EcoStoreUSA. EcostoreUSA can be found online at their store, Facebook page, or Twitter.

DISCLOSURE: Many thanks to EcoStoreUSA for sending products free of charge for me to use in my review. I was under no obligation and this post contains my honest opinions.


Thursday 9th of September 2010

Cute blog! I love the Chemistry story lol I'm following from a blog hop- but don't ask which one because I have a dozen or so windows open on my laptop and it's like the neverending rabbit hole they all lead to something else!!