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Say Cheese!

Okay, who ever figured out saying the word “Cheese” made people smile? That’s just weird.

One of the things I’d like to keep up with as a new mom is having updated pictures of our little one at each milestone phase of his life (okay, life? maybe that’s a long-term goal, how about I scale back to at least his first year or two! ha ha). So, I enrolled in MotoPhoto’s Snuggle Bug Portrait Club – you can have portrait sittings as often as you like with your baby.

Our nearly 3-month old is too young to say cheese, but he could’ve used some help yesterday at his photo shoot b/c he was very stubborn about NOT smiling! Let me just tell you – getting good photos of a baby is nothing to sneeze at (speaking of which, I sneezed while holding him today, and he again started screaming in fright! What is up with being afraid of sneezes?). He cranked it up a bit once we arrived at the studio, me lugging three bags of clothes, blankets, toys and props for the big event (Have I mentioned I’m a new mom?). He really didn’t like that I wanted him to go through several wardrobe changes and look cute and happy at the same time (he said it wasn’t in his contract!). It took four of us, a lot of babbling noises from adults, and a tickly-feather to coax a few smiles out of him – what can I say, he’s a tough sell!!

In the end, Suzy captured a ton of great shots – even got some good smiles out of him. He kept giving her a lot of stern and serious looks, which ended up looking really classic and thoughtful on the black background. I’m glad she was able to work with my little fuss-budget! 🙂 I guess I’ve learned he’s a little camera shy.

I haven’t decided exactly what I plan to do with the photos. Right now I’m thinking I’ll have a few of my favorites printed for framing. Then when I go back to update the shots, I’ll update my frame. By the end of the year, I’ll have a trail of photos documenting his growth – I think that’ll be a nifty keepsake from his first year. Possibly I can put together a scrapbook or album for the Grand’rents. Maybe a slide show. The possibilities are endless… but I have to stop talking about him growing up – I just love him cute and small like he is right now! 🙂