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Throw the easiest Father’s Day party ever!

Throw the easiest Father’s Day party ever!

I don’t know about the dads in your life, but in mine, they are pretty easy-going. None of them REALLY want a party thrown for them. But… I love throwing parties! And as a BJ’s Wholesale Club Ambassador, my task this month was to throw a party in honor of Dads for this upcoming Father’s Day weekend. Let me tell you, with a little help from BJ’s Party Planning service, you can now throw the easiest Father’s Day party ever!

easiest fathers day party

How to throw the easiest Father’s Day party ever!

easiest fathers day party

Because the party should be about the people, first be sure the majority of folks can attend your date. I like celebrating “off-schedule” because it always seems the day of a holiday or calendar celebration everyone gets tied up! So I threw our party two weeks before Father’s Day!

I’ve done all sorts of themed parties, coffee parties, pizza parties, you name it. One thing about throwing a big party is that often the hostess does gobs of food preparation for days in advance, and also right before and even during the party. This doesn’t leave a lot of time to enjoy the party or the guests. I mean, isn’t that why you threw the party to begin with!? To spend time with your people!

easiest fathers day party

So where ever possible, I try to find shortcuts for party food prep. Whether that means getting pre-cut veggies, ordering a cake, or going all out with party platters and hot dishes. You will find you can do as little or much food prep as your heart desires. Sometimes, I do have the time and enjoy baking lots of dishes and treats. But other weeks, I just want to have people over without the pressure.

Although our house uses washable plates, utensils, and napkins regularly, for a big party, we would never have enough. So I either choose to use disposable for parties, or get very high quality plastic plate sets we can rinse and reuse all summer for outdoor picnics and camping to get more usage out of them. Having less to clean up on the back end of a party takes a load of stress off as well!

fathers celebrate

As it was a Sunday afternoon, our families have to get back and forth to morning and evening church services, and long drives across the state back home. That doesn’t leave us a lot of time to food prep, so I opted for a simple cold cuts luncheon, easy to prep and serve. I spent about an hour shopping the day before, and putting out the foods on the day of the party took about twenty minutes, all told! I mean, how easy is that!?

I pre-ordered an Entertainment platter from BJ’s with assorted lunch meats and cheeses. Then picked up rolls, lettuce, tomatoes, organic chips and salsa, as well as a veggie platter for some crudités!

easiest fathers day party

For dessert, I spied the huge round platter filled with assorted cookies and brownie bites. One thing I love about platters, is how they have so many choices, so there’s something for everyone and plenty to go around! And as a healthier option, a fruit tray was a perfect addition. Organic lemonade added a summery touch to our beverage section!

If we’d had more people at the party, I could’ve added some hot dishes to round out the food choices, like BJ’s meatballs or hot wings. But for our party of nearly twenty, we had more than enough food with leftovers to send home and keep for work lunches the next day!easiest fathers day party

We did end up getting rained IN on the date of the party – which is why some of my photos are outdoors and the rest inside! If you get rained out last minute, or have to switch your date because of weather, not to worry, because with BJ’s Party Planning, you only need 24 hours in advance to order platters. And many of the other items are available daily without pre-order. So you can easily adjust your party dates as you keep an eye on weather!

And there you have it – the easiest Father’s Day party ever! Honestly, the easiest ANY kind of party I’ve ever thrown! Thanks to BJ’s Wholesale Club Party Planning Service!

easiest fathers day party

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What are your party planning shortcuts and hacks to get a whole bunch of people fed and happy, but still leave you time to enjoy the people at the party!? 

I am a BJ’s Wholesale Club Ambassador and received compensation to facilitate this party and post. All opinions are my own.