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Get help, give help with UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation Grant Program

Get help, give help with UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation Grant Program

Whether your family deals with a child’s chronic illness or you battle a few weeks of cold/flu season, a common thread in parenting is the grief at seeing your child sick and suffering. So I’m pleased to partner with the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF) to share their grant program. I’m hopeful some of my readers can participate and get help, or give help!

Childrens Medical Needs Grant ProgramSponsored post.

Get help, give help with UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation Grant Program

Our family just came through a week of several doctor visits and multiple prescriptions for minor ailments, which took a toll on our schedule, our sense of well-being, and our wallet. It gave me only a minuscule glimpse into the daily life of families with very ill children.

We know several families who deal with the day-to-day dilemmas and stress that is part of raising a child with a special needs. A family friend’s daughter received a diagnosis of Rett Syndrome, a rare neurological disability that affects mostly girls, and impairs communication and mobility development.

Some of the issues this family faces include basic things we take for granted, such as safety for their child in the house and yard. For instance, a fenced yard provides safe boundaries allowing their daughter to enjoy the outdoors. Now that their daughter is a teenager, she’s too big to lift in and out of the bath, so a special tub will need to be installed. She needs new wheelchairs as she grows. And communication devices new to the market may allow them to learn more about their daughters thoughts and feelings – something I take for granted in my own children.

I’ve seen first hand the joy this family has when their princess can join them on outings and trips because of a wheelchair that allows her to ride on sand and other terrain (they love camping and the water!). I’m sure this mom would love to hear the thoughts that run behind her daughter’s very expressive eyes.

The health, mobility, and communication most of us take for granted, comes at a high price for families like the Zaks. Or doesn’t come at all. 

Who could use a children’s medical grant?

Maybe you know a family with a sick child in the hospital? Chances are their medical bills are rising and they may qualify for this grant. We wrote a whole post about how to encourage families with sick kids by making a DIY Care Package with printable cheer cards that tell them about this children’s medical grant. 

Maybe your child needs special therapies or medical devices not covered by your insurance. For instance, if your child is a struggling reader, or has hearing or vision impairments. This grant can help with that. 

Perhaps you just want to be a hero to a family in financial need due to medical expenses. Tell them about this grant! 

How can families with children’s medical needs get help?

UnitedHealthcare’s Children’s Foundation (UHCCF) aims to change the outlook of families with children’s medical needs, by providing a way for families in need to get help. And, they’re offering a way for families who can contribute to give help to fellow parents. The Foundation’s goal is to fund and award 20,000 medical grants by the year 2020. And they’re more than half way there with over 13,000 grants awarded!

Maybe you’re a family in need (or know someone!), and think you could never qualify for a grant. But I’ve read the grant requirements, and I think the UHCCF grant process seems simple and easy to complete.

Here’s a few things to know if your child will qualify:

  • Your child is 16 years old or younger.
  • The covered child is a United States resident.
  • Your family/child is covered by a commercial health insurance plan.
  • Care/items are received/paid for in the United States.
  • Your Adjusted Gross Income does not exceed the UHCCF financial scale.

If these descriptions fit your child, there’s a good chance that your child would meet grant requirements! In fact, 88.9% of applicants to the UHCCF grant program have been approved, which is incredibly high! What’s even better is grant monies can be retroactive to sixty days prior to date of application.

To learn more about the UHCCF grant program and apply for your child, click here.

Here’s how you can help families with children’s medical needs

Maybe you don’t need a grant for your child. Here’s how you can help. First, share this post and the grant information with families you know are in need.

Next, consider donating to the UHCCF fund. While the Foundation has many charity events and book/toy sales to support the fund, the fund mainly relies on donations from others to help children with medical needs. You can find out about donations here.

Let’s spread the news about how families with children’s medical needs can get help with a grant from United Healthcare’s Children’s Foundation grant program.

I don’t take my children’s health for granted…Let’s HELP grant other families some of that peace of mind , too.

Childrens Medical Needs Grant ProgramThis post was sponsored by Untied Healthcare and I was compensated for sharing this message. All opinions are my own.