devotional time Christian poetry

I've always loved poetry, so with great excitement I dove into my review of Working it out: Poetry Analysis with George Herbert, from Everyday Education, LLC. I've had a wonderful month, refreshing my devotional time with Christian poetry. Who is George Herbert? I first "met" the priest-poet George Herbert in college, since as a creative writing major, I… Read More ->

childrens history books

This month the boys and I have been turning back a page in time with children's history books that put kids in the moment! This review of these four titles are brought to you by Carole P. Roman and If You Were Me and Lived in...Renaissance Italy (An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time) (Volume 2) If… Read More ->

life creative book review

I'll admit I had no idea how motherhood would shape and reshape my life. God had special plans on that one, plans yet unfolding as I follow His leading. It's been a journey of purpose in raising children and the repurposing of God-given talents and yearnings. I didn't realize how much I had neglected (yet… Read More ->

My Favorite Poetry Books for Children

I'll admit I have grown to love children's poetry (sophisticated verse created for little ones, not just silly rhymes!) a bit more than "grown-up" poetry. It's light, lyrical, well-crafted, and still conveys deep and poignant messages. Here's a few of my favorite poetry books for children. Toasting Marshmallows by Kristen O'Connell George Come along with a… Read More ->