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Giveaway Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions that apply to all giveaways held on A Year With Mom and Dad, and on my social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).

By submitting an entry to a giveaway you agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

Country of Eligibility: Each giveaway indicates what country it is open to. Please only enter if you qualify to win based on your residency.

Age to Enter: You must be 18+ at the time of the giveaway START date to enter / win.

Giveaway End Times: Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm EST on the ending date specified in the giveaway form.

Multiple Winning Policy: Should multiple winners be offered, only one winner per household PER the current giveaway. (IE: If I have 5 prize winners for a particular giveaway you may win 1 prize from THAT giveaway. But you may still enter any and all of my OTHER giveaways!). Some giveaways may have limited winners to only NEW winners for that particular brand/product – this will be indicated in the giveaway form.

Privacy: Your information will not be shared with the sponsor or anyone else – I do not sell reader information. The exception being the winner’s email and mailing address will be shared with the sponsor ONLY for the purpose of prize fulfillment.

Winner Response: I will email the winner directly and winner has 48 hours from sending of my email to reply to claim their prize. After 48 hours a new winner will be selected. Occasionally the response time for winner reply is shorter than 48 hours and this will be indicated in the giveaway form.

Prize Fulfillment: A Year With Mom and Dad and its authors are not responsible to fulfill the giveaway prize; it is the sole duty of the sponsor to fulfill prizes in a timely manner. Please allow up to 8 weeks for prize fulfillment. After that time, I will make 2 attempts to contact the company should prize not be fulfilled within 8 weeks.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ are not affiliated with this giveaway.

**Updated 12/10/13. These terms and conditions are subject to change.