My top engaging toy gift ideas for 2016

engaging toy gift ideas

Sponsored post. We test and play with a lot of toys during the year for the blog and other work I do with various toy brands. Here are my top engaging toy gift ideas from our 2016 playtime. Many are toys that have been around and I think will continue to stick around for some… Read More ->

fire safety game

October 9–16 is Fire Prevention Week! It's tricky to teach kids about fire safety without scaring them. My boys love fireman and the fire station, but... they have no idea the dangers of a real fire. And... I realized this week I actually have not done a very good job of teaching them fire safety… Read More ->


We had such a rainy day here yesterday... it prompted me to go back through my site and revisit some of our old rainy day activities. I have a big list of them to share! Sensory bins and Tinker Boxes are lifesavers on a rainy day! Just let kids explore some "new-to-them" bits and pieces… Read More ->

20+ Outdoor activity ideas for preschoolers

outdoor activity ideas for preschoolers

The boys rush down the stairs each morning, and nearly want to skip breakfast... all so they can get outdoors as soon as possible! It's hilarious to me how the shift in weather has completely shifted their play expectations! And I for one couldn't be happier! And it's not like my kids really NEED outdoor activity… Read More ->