What is more Funshine than being outside, playing in the sun, splashing in the water and getting totally soaked?

Nothing, I tell ya!

Last year, I had the great idea to have a pool. So I got a huge inflatable and set it up in our driveway. Big mistake. The water was always too cold. There was always ONE stick or acorn stuck under the liner that I ALWAYS stepped on. We had to keep cleaning it out because the water got scummy all the time. I think we used it 3 times.

It was a blessing it got a tear in the lining, otherwise, my frugal nature would feel compelled to drag it out again this year, just to get good use out of it.

So… no pool this year. We have something BETTER! The Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark!!

When I brought this outside for my son, he was so excited! The six balls that come with the Waterpark were an instant hit with him, and he wanted to carry them around everywhere and throw them.

When I showed him how to throw them in the top and watch them spiral down, he could NOT get enough of that! I think the “put and take” activity this gives him is helping his motor skills and hand-eye coordination (good thing, because he’ll get NONE of those skills from his Mama!).

Then I added water. I loved how quick and easy the lazy river is to fill up. A few minutes and I had a deep moat of water for him to splash in.

We swirled water around with the ferris wheel, scooped up the floating balls, poured water down the funnel, and turned the spinner to get the water flowing around and around.

His favorite part is to fill the scooper with water and dump it on himself. So I would say this is definitely a swimsuit toy, otherwise their entire outfit will be soaked!

I suppose you could also put sand in this toy. Or put sand on the bottom and fill it up with water.

This is going to be our most favorite outdoor activity this summer. I can tell! I love how it keeps him occupied with a lot of fun tasks, so he never gets bored and he stays mostly in one spot. Maybe, just maybe, I will have my dream of reading a book with an iced lemonade next to me. Ah, who am I kidding? I like splashing along with him!

Find more great Little Tikes toys online (including many Made in the U.S.A), or by following them on Facebook!

What’s your favorite outdoor activity in the summer for you and your kids?


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