Happy Strong Home is a PR friendly blog. My husband and I co-write/edit this blog with a focus on natural living, parenting, and cloth diapering. We love to partner with businesses/brands to review products that relate to our content. To pitch us for a product review, giveaway or sponsored post, please fill out our contact form!

Why Work With our Blog?
Blog partnerships network your brand via word-of-mouth to a loyal audience of readers! Product posts and giveaways generate attention and raise brand awareness with your target market! Also when I talk about various products on the market, I educate, entertain, and expand my readership, so we both benefit! Plus, my SEO-friendly posts position your brand better in Google searches (although your links will be nofollow, the keywords will still lead readers to your brand information)!

Why Our Blog?
Most of our readership consists of moms (and a few dads) who research products before making buying decisions, so our blog reaches your target market.

Also, I (Julie) am a professional writer with a degree in Creative Writing, and over 15 years of experience teaching writing and freelancing for magazines and newspapers. You can guarantee our posts are personable and professionally written.

Post Policies with Product / Media Samples

  • Send a full-sized product for review (no sample/trial sized). Minimum value $100 (total, not per individual item sent, not including shipping, not including any giveaway prizes).
  • After trying the product for several weeks, I will post about your brand and product in one of three ways:
    • Product review – mainly sticks to sharing the pros/cons and key talking points about your product. I give my honest opinions, but I will always contact you first if there is a major issue and resolve the problem before publishing the review.
    • Content-based post – covers a topic related to your brand and shows how your product is relevant (ie: “5 Tips for Helping Babies Sleep” may include details about a baby swaddle product/brand)
    • Gift Guide or Round Up Post – a “best of” or “top 10” style post that is very popular with my readers and highly SEO-friendly!
  • The timing of the review will fit my editorial calendar, but I try to publish 3-4 weeks after receiving product. Exceptions: If you have a specific time frame in mind or if I am holding the post for a themed event. I will send a link to you once the review is live.

Giveaway Policies

  • If a giveaway is included (highly recommended), your company can offer a product (or related item, gift certificate, etc.) to one or more of my readers.
    • Your company is responsible for fulfillment/shipping charges.
    • To be a legal contest, I cannot
      • have “mandatory” entries;
      • have excessive entry tasks asking the reader to complete a lot of tasks (called “consideration”) could push my giveaway into the category of an “illegal lottery.” For this reason, I limit my giveaways to no more than 1-5 entry tasks. Please read this article “Is Your Giveaway Legal?” for details.
      • give you the emails of entrants to the giveaway as this is a violation of my privacy policies.
    • I will notify you of the winner’s name and shipping address when the giveaway ends.
    • It is your responsibility to ship a prize to the winner in a timely manner (within 2 weeks is appreciated). I reserve the right to remove a review post if the winner’s prize is not delivered within 2 months and/or 2 contact emails.

If you are interested in partnering with my blog to review a product, website, or sponsor a giveaway, please contact me. Thank you!

To view past review/giveaway posts, please see my sample list here.

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Julie Kieras