Yes, you heard me! A salad-less spring salad ideas collection, brought to you by Foodie / Glam!

Why, Julie, just why did you make a list of salad-less salads!?? Well… I tend to be the queen of letting my lettuce go bad, that is why!

So next time you reach into your fridge to make a salad, and discover (gasp!) nothing or even worse, some wilting, browned leftovers… try these spring salad ideas instead!

A few nods to my Italian heritage with the Panzanella Bread Salad and Caprese-Bacon Salad.

Peas = Spring!

Peas always taste spring-y to me, so I included a Pea and Egg Picnic salad, as well as a crunchy sounding Pea, Date, Walnut salad.

A few favorites from my own recipe collection: Tuna, Chickpea, and Onion Salad, or the Potato and Green Bean salad would be fantastic for outdoor picnics, because they won’t need a lot of chilling to stay tasty.

Grain Salads, Fruit, and more!

quinoa salad

I am still loving quinoa salad, so I included my own savory Red Quinoa salad, and a breakfast Red, White, and Blue Quinoa salad made with blueberries!

For more fruity salad ideas (so springy, right?): Watermelon with Feta and Pesto sounds exotic, don’t you think!? or what about Mandarin Fennel Couscous Salad?

Oh, oh, one more – and I think this would taste great as a warm salad: Roasted brussel sprouts with Lentils (sorry this one does have lettuce in the actual recipe but I think it would taste great without!).

What’s your favorite salad-less salad!? Or what are your spring salad ideas?

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