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DIY Frozen Pops for Summer

Our long winter gave us very few cool spring days… we’ve rocketed right into upper 70’s and 80’s weather. Phew! Sweat much?

With higher temps all summer, a big concern of mine is for my kids to stay well hydrated. The funny thing, my boys really don’t like to drink much – anybody else have kids who resist drinking fluids?

I allow my kids juice once in a while to encourage more fluid intake or when they’re having some “flow” difficulties. I always look for juices that have no added sugar, because fruit juice has plenty of its own natural sugars!

I decided to use some juice boxes we had on hand for a fun activity with the kids: DIY Frozen Pops!

Whenever I can combine a fun activity with food, I know my kids will go for it! Frozen pops are fun to make and will encourage my kids to take in more fluids when they get tired of me constantly saying, “Have another sip, please.”

How to Make DIY Frozen Pops for Summer

Making DIY Frozen Pops is an easy summer activity for kids! They can practice pouring, using funnels, and even the turkey baster to fill pop molds with ease. It’s an activity that really builds their motor skills.

The boys helped me make both molded pops and quick-freeze pops. They could hardly wait the nine minutes to taste those fast-freezing pops! For some of them, we poured in half apple juice and half Fruit Punch to make a layered pop! Double the flavors!

We used a liquid measuring cup for the narrow quick-freeze pops, and a spouted container and baster to fill the pop molds. They had fun filling all the molds, and then sitting out in the backyard enjoying their delicious and lightly sweet Mott’s for Tots Apple & Fruit Punch Frozen Pops!

DIY Frozen Pops Without Special Equipment!

But then I got to thinking… I’m blessed to have these fun gadgets to make frozen pops. But they only make three and four each. What if I were having a crew of kids over? or if I didn’t have these cute pop makers?

Easy! Just grab some paper bathroom cups, wooden sticks, and some aluminum foil! Then follow these steps!

1. Line the cups on a baking sheet that is covered with a dish towel.

2. Pour juice into each cup, leaving about a 1/2 inch headspace.

3. Tear off a small piece of aluminum foil – just enough to cover the cup. Gently place foil on top of one cup and mold it down over the sides.

4. With a small knife, poke a little hole into the center of the foil.

5. Insert stick!

…Repeat with all cups…

6. Carefully, slowly, place the tray of cups into your freezer. You’re going to want to be sure you have created a very flat space inside your freezer and left enough room for the sticks to clear!

7. Freeze overnight. Peel off cup and enjoy!

I’m thinking my next batch might have some add-ins like chopped fruit or coconut!

Do you DIY frozen pops for your kids in the summer? What’s your favorite flavor combo?