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DO-able Yourself Birthday Parties!

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Does throwing a birthday party stress you out?

Party planning and DIY decor is fun. But birthday party prep can quickly become over-the-top and stressful. 

You don’t need to spend a ton or stress out to celebrate your kids!

Celebrate simply, and enjoy the day with your child!

DO-able Yourself Birthday Parties Ebook can help!

Stop hunting through Pinterest-perfect pictures or a million websites to plan a party.

I’ve compiled my favorite DO-able birthday party ideas into this ebook to help you pull off a party as super as your little guy or gal!

100+ ideas from a decade of birthday parties

I’ve been throwing birthday parties for a decade now! So I’ve learned how to throw together a party that is quick, easy, and doesn’t break the bank. Or stress my family out!

Birthday parties are a chance to stop and celebrate a year of beautiful life together.

My ebook helps you create simple birthday traditions everyone can enjoy. 

DO-able Yourself Birthday Parties ebook helps you: 

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Early readers are saying…

Every year, I dread the prospect of coming up with ideas. After reading Julie’s book, I can’t wait to get started planning our next birthday party! And…she helps us keep our hearts focused on the important things – our relationships with our kids.
Trista, family friend

Julie’s book is full of exciting ideas that inspire me to create fun and loving family memories. I especially liked the suggested timeline…
Jessica Seely, family friend

In Do-able Yourself Birthday Parties, Julie has inspired us to just go for it. Celebrate those birthdays in whatever ways work for your family, while remembering it’s about the memories and family time – not how over-the-top it is. After a period of burnout, I’m inspired to jump back into throwing parties my kids and I can enjoy. No need to compare to those Pinterest perfect ideas.

Adelina Priddis, blog reader

What’s inside the book? 

  • 100+ tips and ideas I’ve actually done at my own children’s parties: 
    • Invitation ideas
    • Decorating the house (store-bought, semi-homemade, and full-fledged DIY ideas)
    • Party food/menu ideas (with sample menus from my own parties!)
    • Cake decorating ideas
    • Setting up a dessert table
    • Planning games and activities
  • 2 personal reflections to help you consider
    • Why we celebrate
    • Managing party expectations
  • 7 printable pages:
    • 4 planner pages
    • 2 banner/flag templates
    • a kid thank-you card template

Graphic, printable Birthday Party Planning Checklist page

What readers are loving…

… I especially love how she book-ended everything with an encouraging reminder as to why we do these things for our children.
Tracey O., family friend

…the perfect guide to throwing creative and fun birthday parties. This book can make anyone feel like a party-planning pro…
Kathryn Gillette, Writer and Library Assistant

A helpful book full of great ideas and practical tips!
Mike Raymond

… a collection of versatile ideas that really are do-able!
Trista H., family friend

Make birthday parties a family tradition your children will treasure.

At the end of the day, your relationship with your child matters the most. So celebrate simply, and focus on creating wonderful memories without the stress!