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Fresh reasons to love the new Stop & Shop!

Our family is big on having experiences together. And I love grocery shopping (as evidenced by my elaborate grocery shopping list, which you can download here). I think I inherited my love of grocery shopping from my mom; being Italian, we just love food and shopping for food! Stop & Shop just upgraded their central-Connecticut stores for an exciting customer experience. We partnered with Stop & Shop to visit our local stores this week, and here’s a sampling of the fresh reasons to love the new Stop & Shop!

New Stop and Shop

Fresh experiences at Stop & Shop! 

Eye-pleasing fresh logo and décor

New Stop and Shop

While some store renovations were limited to new logos and freshened décor, several Connecticut stores got a complete makeover! I love the gray color scheme (one of my favorite colors!) and natural wood accents throughout the store. Plus, streamlined and bold fonts for department signage makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Gather at the In-store café

new stop & shop cafe

Can I tell you – I love to occasionally meet up with a friend for a coffee or snack before we both have to do our weekly shopping. The large Community Tables and smaller café tables are perfect for meeting a friend, gathering with your kiddos, or having a small meeting with local moms. Café selections range from coffee and bakery items to sandwiches and meals.

Fun Food Stations

new stop & Shop

Or, you could always visit the several food stations in the store and then eat in the Café. I loved the Nature’s Promise organic soup bar. You can order a Poke bowl (meats and veggies sliced over rice) or a Mexican taco/burrito style meal at another station.

Oh, and look in the produce section to find a basket of fruit – a free snack for your kids!

Focus on local products

Local Food at Stop and Shop

You’ll see local products throughout the store, and now Stop & Shop is really promoting local food crafters! I found a huge wall of local goodies made right here in Connecticut by the Deli! Everything yummy from coffees to granolas, maple syrup to crackers. If you waited till the last minute to buy someone a gift, create a gift basket of local foods at your local Stop & Shop! (Suggestion: Stop & Shop should put gift baskets for sale near this display!).

DIY experiences

DIY Stations New Stop and Shop

The foodie in me loves to customize! So, I was delighted to find the DIY machines for customizing my own olive oil and vinegar blends. Make fig-infused balsamic vinegar for a meat glaze. Or garlic-infused oil and vinegar for dipping breads. The DIY machine lets you adjust the oil/vinegar ratio so to blend a custom dressing or a marinade! Another DIY station to enjoy is the Kombucha on Tap with several flavors and sizes; get a bottle for sipping on the ride home or a growler for the family. Bring your bottle back to refill!

Curbside pickup

Curbside Pickup at Stop and Shop

If you have no time to enjoy all the new Stop & Shop amenities, simply order online with Peapod, Pick up curbside under solar-powered canopies (I didn’t see these at my location but I bet they’ll start popping up soon). In the meantime, there’s special front-row parking for curbside pickup. Get your groceries quickly and be on your way to other adventures!

Hassle-free checkout

new stop & Shop checkout

Scan your Stop & Shop card and grab a scanner on your way in and you can scan groceries as you go! Or download the SCAN IT! Mobile app on your phone, add your mobile payment method, and make checkout a breeze. You’ll walk through a dedicated checkout lane without even taking out your wallet! Stop & Shop has had self-checkout for a while, but now there are more self-checkout lanes to reduce lines (there were none on a Sunday afternoon which is amazing!).

Oh, and I was grateful to see the special checkout aisle lined with “essentials” – you know, the milk, yogurt, etc. you forgot to grab while you were shopping? This eliminates having to run back through the whole store! Perfect!

new stop & shop

I love how the new Stop & Shop updates make shopping more of a fun experience rather than a dull weekly chore! If you really want to enjoy your trip, be sure to shop on the best day of the week. Which I researched for you and that is: Wednesday! Fewer crowds, better stock, and best sales!

So, if your Stop & Shop has a Grand Re-opening sign over their logo, speed over there and check out the goodies in store for you! Every store will have its own local flair with special signage to make you feel right at home in your neighborhood store.

Visit your local store to check it out and then share your favorite experience with me either in the comments or on social media (Tag @happystronghome on Twitter and @juliekieras on Instagram!).

This post about fresh reasons to love the new Stop & Shop has been sponsored by Stop & Shop. I received compensation for sharing, yet all opinions are born out of my own love for grocery shopping!

Jacqueline Barba

Monday 25th of March 2019

Hey there! Which Stop & Shop's did you go to? I'm curious where I can find the DIY olive oil/vinegar machines. Thanks!


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