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Green Line Cloth Diapers Review

How unique can a cloth diaper get? When I received my cover and soaker to do a  Green Line Cloth Diapers review, I knew I was about to find out!

Green Line Cloth Diapers Review

The Green Line All-in-2 cloth diaper definitely put this veteran cloth diapering mama on a bit of a learning curve. But we figured it out, with some support and feedback from the easy to reach company owners.

green line cloth diapers review

That’s because Green Line is owned and operated by a Canadian couple in British Columbia. They sew and sell diapers all day long! Sounds fun, right?

So… about the Green Line cloth diaper cover and soaker:

green line cloth diapers reviewgreen line cloth diapers review

The insert is a bamboo / cotton single layer flat that gets folded up into whatever configuration you desire. My preference is to just fold into thirds or fourths and place into the cover. I like it simple like that! The single layer makes for fast and easy dry time too!

The cover is where things get interesting.

green line cloth diapers review

First, the hook and loop closures are the sturdiest I’ve ever seen on a cloth diaper. I’m guessing if you have a kid who likes to tear off their diaper (I don’t!), then this might be a good option! The colors of the hook/loop usually match the cover’s print, which is very aesthetically appealing.

There’s no laundry tabs, so just remember to attach the side flaps to the front before tossing into your wetbag.

green line cloth diapers reviewgreen line cloth diapers review

You might notice in the photo the back folded down. This is how Green Line gets the right fit. Before putting the diaper on your baby, simply fold down the back until the curved back edge is in line with the straight front edge. Put diaper on baby. Adjust back as needed. If you have to put it up a little or fold down more to get a good fit.

I did notice that when the baby crawled, there was a gap in the back, but the diaper never leaked. When I asked Green Line owners about this feature, they said all was well and when the baby sits and stands, the diaper is flush to the skin. This is true!

green line cloth diapers review

Probably the most unique aspect of this diaper is the leg opening fit. Instead of elastics, there are toggle adjusted cords. Adjust the toggle to get a good fit on your child. I do like this feature for those skinny leg babies. Because it’s not elastic, you’re not going to have the same stretchiness in the leg area, however, it didn’t seem to keep my son from moving as always.

A heavy duty hook / loop, fold-down back, and toggle cord leg openings – pretty unique diaper, right?

Find Green Line cloth diaper covers and soakers in their online shop. They carry an excellent assortment of vivid and modern prints and I love how the inner fabric coordinates so well with the outer print! The Green Line AI2 combo runs about $20.

What feature of this diaper do you find most unique?

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Thanks to Green Line for sending product(s) for review. All opinions are my own.