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Be a Safe Babywearing Mom! (or dad!)

As a new mom, I didn’t know a thing about babywearing, much less safe babywearing. I did a random selection of a baby carrier for my registry because it matched my stroller!

Now, I’ve been babywearing for nearly four years. I’ve tried out many carriers, and have read up on safe babywearing.

So I’m partnering with Boba baby carriers to share information to help all my readers become safe babywearing moms!

Safe babywearing feels more natural

First, disclosure: I, myself, carried our first son facing outward a few times. Because I simply didn’t know better. I quickly found facing him inward felt more comfortable for both of us. Plus, I loved snuggling my baby against my chest.

Safe babywearing (inward!) feel more natural physically (baby curves right into mommy/daddy comfortably), and feels more natural emotionally (do you like talking to the back of someone’s head!?).

I especially like how my Boba soft structured carrier has foot stirrups and a higher neck/back rest than other carriers I’ve tried, for greater comfort and safer positioning.

Safe babywearing brings children and parents closer

Babywearing allows more connection between parent and child. I know sometimes strollers are a necessity. But whenever possible, I used babywearing so my children and I could experience things together. Crouching by the stroller, or buckling/unbuckling takes away from a family experience. A baby in a stroller is lower so can’t see much, and is distanced from the rest of the group.

Babywearing allows the child to see at the same level as the parent. You can hold a conversation about the animals you’re checking out at the farm, the books you’re browsing in the library, or the sights you’re seeing while walking down the street.

Let’s not forget… babywearing provides an emotional connection and creates a close circle of safety for your child. I babywore our first son on a New York City subway, and boy was I happy to have him close to my chest the entire time!

Safe babywearing gives a family more freedom

Many strollers are not narrow enough to fit through doorways, crowded public spaces, or narrow store aisles. Nor do most of them do well in the great outdoors.

We wore our baby blueberry picking, at a street festival, visiting a Florida farm, and walking the streets of New York (my voice in his ear kept him calm while noisy traffic rushed by).

In any of the above places, a stroller would’ve either not worked, or not been the safest option. Because we babywear, we have the freedom to go more places, pack lighter, get going faster, and have more convenient travel.

Most importantly, safe babwearing is healthier (for baby and parent)

I call it safe babywearing for a reason. Wearing baby inward protects their growing body. A baby’s hips are naturally pulled up (fetal position) and splayed a bit outward. You might notice babies natural “curl up” when you change their diapers. That’s normal and healthy.

Here’s 9 reasons not to wear your baby facing outward:

Hip Dysplasia is a common problem for babies, and can be caused or exacerbated by outward facing babywearing. When babies are placed in an outward carry, their hips are unnaturally distended downward, placing strain on their hip bones, muscles, tendons, etc.

Also, from my own personal experience, babywearing can help prevent that “flat head” problem. My second son started to get a flattened head, so I started babywearing more often! Problem solved! (Note, there are different reasons babies can get flattened head, some of which is developmental and some of which is positioning).

Again from experience, safe babywearing facing inward helps the adult’s posture too. I remember carrying my son outward facing those few times – I felt like I was being dragged forward. Facing baby inward changed the center of gravity for us, with baby naturally leaning against me. Not so much pressure in the shoulder straps either! More comfort led to me being able to babywear more often!

Natural closeness, greater freedom. Babyhood is a rare (and brief) time when you can have your children as close to you as a heartbeat… so wear your baby heart-to-heart for a closer, safer babywearing experience.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Boba. The opinions and text are all mine.