Oh my son loves to move. He will roll, flop, wiggle, wave his arms from the minute he gets up until I put him to bed at night. Only two things make him quiet: walks in the stroller or baby carrier and being sick.

So…next time your kiddo gets the wiggle-worms…here’s eleven fun exercise activities you can have them do. I call it the Kiddie Workout! If your kids are older, make a whole game out of it and lead an exercise class for them!

  1. Seesaw – my son loves seesaws. So when we’re home, sometimes I lie on my back, raise my knees and sit him on my feet. As he leans against my legs, I hold his arms to steady him, and raise my feet up and down like a seesaw. He LOVES it. And it’s also a great ab workout for mama!
  2. Obstacle course – place pillows, cereal boxes, and other objects like a path in your house or outside. Have the kids run from Point A to Point B going around and over objects. Maybe play music or have  a timer while they race!
  3. Yoga – I am not the stretchiest person in the world but kids are. My son doesn’t even know what yoga is, but he started doing the downward dog-type headstand thing all on his own. I don’t really know yoga moves, but I sometimes play stretching games with him that resemble the techniques.
  4. Kick – Develop your child’s eye-foot coordination skills by having them kick a small ball, a rolled up wad of paper, or even just kicking water in the tub or pool! Try rolling up some socks into a big ball for an indoor game!
  5. Step Up – If you have some sturdy plastic storage bins about 6 inches high, place a few on the floor and do a little Step-Aerobics with your toddler. They will love getting up and down on the bin! TIP: Turn the bin upside down for more stability.
  6. Roll – My son loves when I roll him over and over on our bed; he loves to roll along the floor. Recently he’s discovered rolling down the grassy hill on the side of our house. Rolling is great fun (yes, I rolled down the hill too!).
  7. Stomp – Get out those ants-in-the-pants and all that toddler energy by playing a game of Stomp! We use old bubble wrap to stomp on and make fun popping sounds. Old egg crates are also good for toddler to practice eye-foot coordination as the try to stomp all the egg bumps down!
  8. Balance – Draw a chalk balance beam on the driveway, tape down a length of ribbon indoors. Have children “balance” by walking along the line! Safe, fun, and easy!
  9. Over & Under – Create a path using tables, blankets, pillows and/or boxes. Have your toddler go over and under the various obstacles. It’s a great way to teach them some location vocabulary while they move!
  10. Parachute – this can be a group activity. Hold up a large sheet or light blanket with your toddler. Say “up!” and raise your hands, and instruct your child to follow. Say “down” and lower your arms, and your child will follow. Continue this up and down motion for a good arm exercise. Kids love watching the sheet billow up and down – and if you can get a bunch of kids in on the action, it’ll be even more fun and billowy!
  11. Jump – Can’t leave out the most obvious activity of all – jumping! Kids love to jump. So whether you allow them to jump on the bed, couch, or maybe tape down some green dots for a lily pad frog pond and have them jumping around the room… jumping is a great way to expend energy!

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How do you get your kids up and moving!?

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  • T Rex Mom August 21, 2011, 4:19 pm

    Thanks again for sharing more great ideas. I need these. My son if like yours – Always on the move…during the summer, we hit the park as much as possible to work those wiggles and jump those jiggles. Or just sing along with Raffi.