Stuck inside? Here’s how you can make your toddler’s time worthwhile!

  1. Chef’s helper – have them crush up crackers or stale bread for bread crumbs or pie crusts. Put the bread/crackers in a plastic storage bag and let them bag on it with a plastic or toy hammer. Or if you have a toy or small rolling pin, they can roll on the crackers until they are crushed. Even if you are not baking that day, you can save these in an airtight container for another time.
  2. Trash-to-fun – save your old cereal boxes and create a cereal box sidewalk path they can walk across in your play area!
  3. Show them how to slide objects down a poster board or large folded cardboard box propped up against the couch. Sliding objects into a metal bowl will make a fun noise.
  4. Create a sorter from a small box (cereal, oatmeal, mailing box) by sealing the box and cutting a hole in the top/side. Babies can have fun putting small toys in and out.
  5. Enjoy hand/foot play by tracing their hands/feet onto felt or construction paper. Cut out and tape down around the room. Let your child walk around putting their feet down on the footprints, and hands down on the handprints.
  6. Hideout! Drape a large tablecloth or sheet over a smaller table or the backs of 4 chairs. Throw some pillows under the covering and your child now has a fun hideout to crawl in and out of all day!
  7. Create a discovery bottle – fill empty soda bottle with rice or unpopped corn kernels. Add some small toys or items and seal closed (you can cut the bottle open to fit in the toys, the tape shut).
  8. Do cookie sheet drawing. If you’re daring (I’m getting there), sprinkle flour or rice onto a cookie sheet. Show your child how to draw letters or shapes, then gently jiggle the sheet to erase.
  9. Tube stacking. Save empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls in a large bag. On a rainy day, show your toddler how to stack them into structures. Much quieter than blocks!
  10. Look at photos. This is a good time to get out family albums and remind your toddler of the great times you’ve had together. Also to help them remember names of family they don’t see very often.
  11. Garbage toss. Take your recycled papers and crumble up into balls. Have your toddler practice throwing them into the garbage.

Got any tried and true rainy day activities for toddlers? Share them below!

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  • T Rex Mom August 13, 2011, 5:41 pm

    Great suggestions. We’ve done the discovery bottles. Those were a hit. And we’ve done a similar thing to cookie sheet drawing. In a bit deeper tray I’ll put flour and let T Rex drive his cars through it like they are in the snow. He likes that. And the kids are always good helpers in the kitchen or during chore time. It takes a bit longer to get stuff done but fewer tears are shed by all of us.

    Alright – I think I’ve caught up on all the postings I’ve missed. Boy, you’ve been busy. I hope you are well and life is good.