On This Wise – Christmas Poem 2016

christmas poem

I have written a Christmas poem for my Christmas cards since at least 2004 if my calculations are correct! It's always fun to see what strikes me each year. It'll be a snatch of a Christmas song, or phrase from a Bible verse, or a motif like stars, motherhood, or gifts. This year, it struck… Read More ->

Throw an Advent Birthday Party for Jesus!

advent birthday party for Jesus

As much as the advent season is a time of waiting and contemplation, with young children you can’t help but be drawn towards the celebratory side of Jesus’ birth. The angels sing. Mary sings. The shepherds sing. Such a joy-filled time of song and wonder, joy and excitement can open a door into our children’s… Read More ->

5 engaging ways to put Christ back into Christmas

ways to put Christ back into Christmas

*This guest post is brought to you by Christie Thomas, mom and blogger at Wise for Salvation. I "met" Christie as a fellow MOB Society writer, and have been touched by her heart for teaching children the Word of God. She's also a published author of a book of devotions for children that I have been… Read More ->

devotional time Christian poetry

I've always loved poetry, so with great excitement I dove into my review of Working it out: Poetry Analysis with George Herbert, from Everyday Education, LLC. I've had a wonderful month, refreshing my devotional time with Christian poetry. Who is George Herbert? I first "met" the priest-poet George Herbert in college, since as a creative writing major, I… Read More ->