Wow. Did summer throw you way off your routines?

For us, I feel it does more than most families, because when summer hits, there’s suddenly another adult in the house – my husband! As a teacher, it’s a blessing for him to be home from school for ten weeks… oh wait, make that only eight and a half this summer due to the crazy seven snow days that had to be made up!

I know summer is a time to relax and loosen up the schedule for most families… but now we’re staring “back to school” in the face and realizing… we have to reel it in! Specifically the AM and PM routines need work as time seems to get away from us on either end of the day!

After seeing a great idea for a “high five” morning routine circulating the web, I thought, “That would work great for night time too!”

So I set about creating a five-step night time routine that would keep us on track (and teach our son to take charge of his bedtime too!).

Five easy steps… and you can make your own as part of a hands-on parent/child craft activity!

Check it all out in my guest post “Create a High Five Bedtime Routine for Your Child” at the Melissa & Doug blog!

This post is an unsponsored post written as part of my partnership with Melissa & Doug as a guest blogger on their site.

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