After immersing myself in the culture of cloth diapering for the past 10 months, I have enjoyed experimenting with the diversity of diapering options. Various cuts, closures, not to mention fun fabric choices!

I always felt the whole concept of “wool diapering” was shrouded in mystery. My first reaction on hearing about wool was: “How does that work?” And like most things I don’t know anything about, I was determined to pull back the curtain and reveal the secrets of wool!

As I read more about wool and heard what other CD moms had to say, I felt a growing sense that I needed to explore this kind of cloth diapering for myself, my baby, and because I want to be a resource for other cloth diapering mamas!

That’s how the Wild and Woolly Cloth Diaper Event was born! Stay tuned all week for articles, reviews and giveaways all related to wool! You’ll find the links for the whole event collected here as a mini index for you!

  1. How Does Wool Work?
  2. Nifty Nappy – Wool Longie Review / Giveaway
  3. What Do I Stuff My Wool With?
  4. Forty41 – Upcycled Wool Soaker Review / Giveaway
  5. Getting Over the Sticker Shock of Wool Diapering
  6. Sloomb | Sustainable Babyish – Wool Longies Review / Giveaway
  7. How to Care for Wool Diaper Covers
  8. Thanks Mama / Imse Vimse Wool Care Review / Giveaway
  9. Guest Post: Vilate Thacker of Nifty Nappy – The Magic of Wool
  10. BabyBeehinds Wool Cover Review / EcoMom $15 Giveaway
  11. Wild and Woolly… is it the end?
  12. Disana Wool Soaker Review / Abby’s Lane $10 Giveaway
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Do you use wool yet? If you do, tell me why? If you don’t, what questions do you have? I want to make sure I provide answers by the end of the week!

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