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Tips for Camping With a Baby!

Our first trip tent camping with a baby we stayed on the banks of the Schroon River in the Adirondacks. We had lovely weather and fun with friends! We can’t wait for our next camping trip. And we’ve certainly learned a lot about how to camp with an infant! Here’s some tips for camping with a baby on your next outdoor vacation!
tips for camping with a baby

Tips for Camping with a Baby!

camping with an infant

1. Bring Netting – no this isn’t my wedding veil, it’s a large screen for keeping the bugs away. You could make do with yards of tulle from any fabric store, but baby stores sell heavy duty mosquito netting with elastic around the edges. You can stretch this netting over just about anything – car seats, strollers, yourself! And it works much better!

camping with a baby
2. Seating Options! Bring various “seats” for the baby – they will quickly tire of just sitting in their stroller, and you will certainly tire of carrying them. Then there are the times when you SHOULDN’T carry them, such as when you are tending the fire (or visiting the outhouse!). You might bring a travel swing or fold-able bouncy seat to give baby some variety and your arms a break. Or try a low-to-the-ground travel chair for them to relax in! camping with a baby
3. Avoid Smoke – Babies don’t like it, but they can’t walk away from it like an adult can. So be mindful of where the smoke is going when you’re holding the baby. Position your chair farther from the fire, and clear out if the smoke gets ash-y or the wind kicks up – you don’t want sparks to land on the baby.
camping with a baby
4. Prepare to be Tent Bound – you never know when a chance rain shower will have you huddled in your tent playing Nosey-Posey for an hour (as in this photo). Or you may be there simply because the baby isn’t napping! Bring some snacks (sealed of course!) and a book or two for hanging out tent-side during these moments.
camping with a baby

5. Keep Dry – As a dear friend’s daughter once informed us: “You sweat, you die!” Well, that probably won’t happen on a family camping trip, but it’s generally good survival advice. If baby is damp he won’t be comfortable and could catch cold. Don’t take damp clothing off inside the tent as the moisture will have nowhere to go, and will condense at night most likely under your sleeping bag (and under whatever baby is asleep on top of).

Now you’re ready to go camping with your baby!

Camping with a baby certainly brings its share of challenges. I recall trying to breastfeed in the tent on a billowy air mattress (not very stable), to hand-washing cloth diapers in a bucket (seriously, just get these instead for your trip). Then there was the “flash-flood” lightening storm episode! We have weathered it all, and while it was work, I am happy for those memories and experiences. If you love camping or want to try camping and have babies, don’t let that discourage you! Just follow these tips for camping with an infant and you’ll be fine!

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Here’s all the gear you might need!

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Anyone else been camping with a baby? What other advice/tips would you add? Please comment below. Thanks!

tips for camping with a baby

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Tuesday 17th of April 2012

HELP! Wondering what those little baby tents are called, or who makes them. I found one on amazon awhile back and can no longer find it. They look perfect for camping and just being in the backyard..

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Tuesday 29th of June 2010

We always took our babies camping. My children being born at three different times of the year led to different issues during the camping season. Our first was three months during his first camping trip, and you covered the infant needs very well. Our oldest daughter was six months old. At this stage, crawling becomes a big issue during those camping escapades. A screen house with a large blanket helped keep them safe, but also gave them an area big enough to ward off boredom. A front pack carrier was also found to be effectively useful as well. Our youngest daughter was nine months during her first camping trip. Welcome to the power crawl/wanting to walk stage. I think this was the most difficult stage. At this age, babies are into exploration. I used the screen house again. I also used a backpack carrier. This worked well when I needed to be preparing dinner, or tending to other camping tasks. And at this stage, take a deep breath, and let them get down and crawl around. Yes, they are going to get dirty, but hey, it's camping. They will usually amuse themselves with the great outdoors....leaves, sticks, dirt...etc. Without a doubt, this means you will now need to have your eyes glued to them. So, although you will probably leave more exhausted than you came, it will be worth it to see the smiles and here the giggles.Happy Camping!