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6 Trendy Baby Products for the Natural Mama

Isn’t it great when trendy baby products are also natural and safe for baby? Yeah, I thought so, too!Not all baby products are safe for babies to wear, chew, handle, and play with, so I am selective about what I like to use, gift, and share on this site. Which is why today I want to showcase some of my favorites!

I’ve covered several of these brands and items in the past but keep coming back to them because they have that “wow” factor, both in design and function.

Let’s dive in, shall we!?

trendy baby products for the natural mama*This is a sponsored post. Featured products were provided.

A cloth diaper for coloring book fans!trendy baby products

Not only are cloth diapers continuing to trend, but the prints now follow the trends! This Smart Bottoms Exclusive print for Spray Pal is the “DOO-dle Me!” diaper! For all fans of adult coloring books, now you can color your babies diaper too! Use washable markers and you can do this over and over!

Besides the sweet print, it has all my favorite Smart Bottoms’ features:

  • One size, all-in-one fits most babies 10-35 lbs. This is my go-to diaper style.
  • 100% Organic cotton, with 100% PUL outer
  • Wide leg elastic prevents red marks and leaks. Double awesome!
  • Manufactured in the USA!
  • Found only at Spray Pal!

Spray-Pal Shield offers mess-free cloth diaper clean up!

The Spray Pal® was invented by a cloth diapering mom and dad who were tired of cleaning up the mess caused by the diaper sprayer. Boy, I wish I’d had this when I was cloth diapering! I remember they were just coming out as we phased out the diapers.

  • No splatters on the wall or floor – genius!
  • Folds up flat for easy storage.
  • Works with any sprayer

Stainless steel key ring and toddler utensilstrendy baby products

Babies are drawn to our key rings like bears to honeypots. That soft clicking, rattling has them reaching… but no way do we want them sucking on our dirty keys! Give them clean key animals: kleynimals for non toxic, safe toy key ring play.

  • no lead contamination
  • no sharp edges
  • drawstring muslin bag to keep them clean
  • lightly embossed animal impression on each key
  • can be embossed for an heirloom baby toy
  • $28 per set

Baby will graduate to the Kleynimals 3-piece flatware set featuring the same safari friend animals embossed on the handles. Did you know only ONE company still makes stainless steel flatware in the USA? And that’s where Kleynimals flatware is made!

  • 1 feeder spoon, 1 baby spoon, and 1 baby fork
  • Made in the USA
  • 18/10 food grade stainless steel

Portable, non-toxic nightlight in fun styles

portable night light bunny

Yeah, I share my love for portable night lights  a lot. We have four of them! Because we can’t get enough. In bed, bathroom trips, in the car, camping these portable night light friends go everywhere. They are just so adorable and their light is soothing and pleasant.

  • Rechargeable so no battery waste.
  • Lasts 8-10 hours on the continuous setting. Or try the 30-minute auto-off setting.
  • Cycles through three colors, or can remain a steady single color.
  • 100% safe with cool LED lights so kids can cuddle!
  • Kids can click on and off themselves easily.

Natural rubber in the bathtub!

trendy baby products for the natural mama

Keep bathtub play clean with Begin Again Toys natural rubber bath toys. Begin Again Toys help you move from oil to soil as they are made with natural wood, rubber, cornstarch and recycled plastics. The Shark Tank set is an adorable bath ball (that also doubles as a faucet guard in our house). Store the octopus, shark, and vintage helmut diver inside! Bathtub Pals are a variety of sea creatures from puffer fish to sea turtles!

  • dishwasher safe
  • large opening for quick drying – keeps mold and stink away!
  • great for bath or pool
  • manufactured near the material source for efficient energy and resource use

Introduce classic lit to children with clever board books

trendy baby products for the natural mama

I couldn’t wait to read Shakespeare and Austen to my kids. And I didn’t have to, thanks to BabyLit by publisher Gibbs-White! Classic authors like Bronte, Carroll, Melville and others are timeless, and now appealing to babies too! Go to the “good places” with these baby-sized literary classics!

  • Sturdy board books
  • Intriguing ink colors draw the eye
  • Each “primer” has a learning focus: shapes, colors, counting, weather, and so on
  • Treasure Island: Join Jim Hawkins sailing in search of treasures and shapes! Triangle sails, Cross marks the spot!
  • Moby Dick: Little Master Melville will teach you about the sea from ships to sailors to seagulls and stars!
  • Wuthering Heights: My favorite classic novel! Kids learn about weather on the Yorkshire moors while strolling the grounds with Heathcliff and Catherine.

Sooth baby gums… with your necklace!

chewbeads collage

They’re going to reach for it anyway! (sorta like those keys!). Now you can wear fashionable silicone jewelry and let baby gum away at it with Chewbeads necklaces and bracelets!

  • 100% silicone beads (similar to pacifier material)
  • Soft for baby’s gums and new teeth
  • Breakaway clasp for safety and comfort
  • Sensory tool for babies to play with while nursing
  • Dishwasher safe

Each of these trendy baby products is safe, sustainable, and non-toxic for babies. Most are made in the USA, and out of natural materials! Which one is your favorite!? Because you know what we have to have now, right!?

trendy baby products for the natural mamaThank you to all the sponsors for the products and giveaway. All opinions and love of trendy baby products is my own!


Katie Usher

Sunday 29th of May 2016

New baby coming..these would be great..THANKS

Debbie D.

Friday 20th of May 2016

I saw you on Better Ct today; loved the products you brought to the show. My daughter is due to have twins in 6 weeks. I definitely will be purchasing some of these items.

Teresa Berry

Friday 20th of May 2016

Love the websites and the products. I certainly will be back to purchase items and will be passing the info to. My daughter. I am a grandmother with a granddaughter 6 months old, please send any special etc.


Friday 20th of May 2016

Great stuff!!

Lana Stanco

Friday 20th of May 2016

I have six grandchildren I'm sure little ones will be coming.