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8 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Children (ages 2-4)

Birthday gift ideas for children can be tough! When you attend kids’ birthday parties (or send your kids along to one) do you struggle to come up with a great gift idea? You know, one the child will love, the parents will thank you for, and that your own kid can hold their head up high to give? 

It’s no small challenge to find that perfect blend of giftability for children! I prefer to give kids non-digital, non-noisemaking gifts that practical as well as fun! I think the gifts we gave our two-year-old last week hit all those important markers!

Birthday Gift Ideas for Children Aged 2 – 4

Thanks to my sponsors (Crane, Kidorable, Little Tikes, and Zutano), I’m sharing some unique birthday gift ideas AND giving you the chance to win an awesome giveaway! I know this is a gift list for two-year-olds, but I really think the age range for most of these ideas could extend to the 2-4 year old crowd of either gender! Let me know what you think!

Crane Cool Mist Humidifiers and Crane Portable Night Light

Collage with various views of train humidifier

Cool mist humidifiers are a must in every home for managing a host of issues – dry skin, sore throat, coughs, congestion. So since you have to have this type of apparatus in your house, why not make it extremely fun for the kids with a shaped cool mist humidifier from Crane? We’ve used Crane humidifiers for the past four years as parents (actually, we still have our original two!), but now we’ve added a third one to the mix for the boys’ room and it is the coolest humidifier to ever pull into the station… because it’s a TRAIN!

Yes my train-obsessed boys love their new humidifier because “real steam” (as my son says) pours out the smokestack when you turn it on, and there’s a light in front of the engine.

I love it because of the 1-gallon reservoir, a clear “on” light, and a hidden switch (in the train wheel!) to adjust the steam. Oh and auto-shut off safety sensor and NO filter!! There’s over fifteen Adorable styles in the Crane humidifier lineup (from $45-60).Collage with child holding hippo nightlight at left and nightlight on pillow at right

New to the Crane family are their Belly Glo portable night lights ($16.99). Each animal shape (hippo, duck, or frog), has a removable light in its belly that turns on automatically when the room grows dim. The light (which you can set to either soft white or shifting colors) last about eight hours, and are rechargeable just by flipping out the prongs to fit in to any electrical outlet.

Oh, and! When plugged into an outlet, it functions as a regular night light, so long after the kids outgrow the animal feature, you can still use the light! The Belly Glo Night Light is definitely one of those items you may want to get one-per-child as we have nightly discussions over whose turn it is to hold the hippo in bed!

Both of these are super cute birthday gift ideas for children that they’ll love.

Zutano ClothingChild sitting on porch step

I’m a big fan of clothing when it comes to birthday gift ideas for children. I honestly think kids love to get clothing as gifts… as long as the clothes represent their style and interests. Zutano is a kids’ clothing brand we’ve loved for years in our family because they understand children’s love for bright colors and quirky prints (especially exciting to me is their clothing for boys: stripes, sunfish, superheros, and more). They also get it – kids love to mix and match their own clothes, so they design sets that go together even if they’re mix-matched (like navy striped shorts and a fish-printed shirt? Not  a problem, that’s just Zutano-awesomeness in action!).

With clothing from newborn to 4T, Zutano has basic solid print pants and jackets to coordinate all their looks. Also…after putting my kids in Zutano clothing for many years, while they’re always updating prints and styles shift, it seems they use a similar color palette overall, so even between seasons or sets, the pieces still “go together.” I love that!

Stay tuned for an upcoming feature and giveaway of Zutano’s summer styles!

Kidorable Rainboots

Collage with two shots of child unboxing rainboots

I never had rainboots growing up. I’ll just let that sink in… seriously, how did I survive? My kids wear their rainboots just as much as their flip-flops and sneakers. Not just for rainy days, but for gardening, camping, apple picking, and… sometimes just for the fun of wearing cute frogs, spaceships, pirates, or fire engines on their feet. Yep, I’m talking about the adorable styles at Kidorable! This year’s gift to our son was a pair of natural rubber fire engine rainboots , complete with wheels molded into the sides of each boot! Once our son unwrapped them, he wore them the rest of the night!

Don’t forget matching accessories for kids like raincoats, umbrellas, hats, towels, backpacks and more from Kidorable!

Radio Flyer Red Wagon

Radio Flyer wagon

We had a classic metal Radio Flyer kid’s pull-along wagon growing up, which I loved. However, it was always a rather bumpy ride, so for our kids we decided to get our son a deluxe triple-seat Radio Flyer Comfort wagon. Complete with a removable shade, six cupholders, and a generously sized “backpack” storage attached, we’re already loving taking the kids for rides in the new wagon! The wheels swivel (so watch sharp turns!), and it doesn’t collapse so you’ll have to have your entire truck emptied to take it anywhere, but otherwise, it’s a wagon that is both family tool and kids’ toy!

Radio Flyer has a variety different wagon styles available.

Toddler Utensil Set

Toddler untensil setOur two-year-old has been asking to use our utensils for while now. But of course they’re ridiculously oversized for him. He has started to shun the “baby” spoons and forks, so we picked out this stainless steel flatware set for toddlers on (affiliate link). Engraved with a small truck on each utensil handle, this is a gift that will be used daily in our home!

Children’s Bible and Washable Bible Cover

Washable children's Bible coverAnother very specific request from our new toddler has been for a Bible. He sees his older brother carrying his Bible to church and decided he needed one too! So my mom got him a children’s Bible and we got him a Beginner’s Bible Washable Cover (affiliate link), since he also loves coloring!.

Little Tikes Gas ‘n’ Go MowerBoy in the yard with toy mower

I know, you’re thinking, but Julie, where are the TOYS!? There must be TOYS at a birthday party, right? Okay, so I am not huge on lots of toys as gifts, however, a few strategic ones aren’t terrible. Little Tikes sent me some outdoor fun products to check out, and one of them was this Gas ‘n’ Go Mower ($24.99). Complete with gas tank, pull cord to “start,” speed knob, and popping balls for noise, our boys love “mowing” the grass right along with their dad! So it’s a toy, but it gives them some practice with real-world activities, and gets them running about a lot. Read more about ways to keep little ones outdoors in summer (and enter a giveaway for the Little Tikes Gas ‘n’ Go Mower – ends 8/12/14!).

There you have it! My top birthday gift ideas for children!

What birthday gift ideas for children would you add? If you liked this post, be sure to pin it for future reference: 

Birthday gift ideas for children Pin imageThanks to Crane, Kidorable, Zutano, and Little Tikes for providing media samples for this post. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

Shannon F

Tuesday 12th of August 2014

I love giving puzzles and books but if my daughter has a specific thing she wants to get them, I let her pick it out. She loves giving to others and I love encouraging it!

Jennifer Rote

Tuesday 12th of August 2014

I tend to give what the child seems to be most interested in. My son was anything Hot Wheels and my niece loves Barbie.

brandi hawn

Tuesday 12th of August 2014

if it's boys, i usually give cars, trucks, or something along those lines. when it comes to girls i'm pretty clueless so usually stick with a barbie or some kind of dress up set :)

Hannah Avery

Tuesday 12th of August 2014

We try to get him things he is interested in at the time. This year I found him (my almost 4 year old) a set of real little tools in a cool wooden box. I found it at a Flea Market and snatched it up. I have thought about buying him his own towel as we just moved into a new house, and he will have a kid's bathroom.

shelly peterson

Tuesday 12th of August 2014

I like to give a gift specific to what the child likes. But books and craft ideas always work well for anyone.