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Add Baby and Stir…

My little 2-month-old recognized me yesterday. He’s been pretty interactive lately, smiling and cooing for the past couple of weeks. And he loves to be stimulated to giggle and laugh. But yesterday was different.

I had put him down for a nap, and, as he is a cat napper, after about 25 minutes, I heard his first little cry – it sounds like a kitten coughing or sneezing. Of course, against all the rules in the books (which say you’re supposed to let him cry it out, but I keep telling myself, “Next week, when he’s a little older, I’ll try that.”). I was instantly on my feet and heading up the stairs (I’m going to wear them out!). His cries built as I raced up to him and he was gearing up for a full bellow by the time I popped my head over the side of the Pack ‘n Play… when he saw me, he arrested his cry mid-wind-up and just looked at me. Then, his whole countenance changed, and slowly, he relaxed his frownie, and gave me a giant, toothless grin! His whole face seemed to say, “Mommy!” It was as though he knew I had come to soothe him, and this very idea had already soothed him before I even picked him up; he recognized, “hey, there’s that lady that I keep waking up to every morning!”

It’s always amazing to me that he didn’t even exist 11 months ago, and he only entered the waking world 2 months ago, but already I love him so much. Man, I love this kid, but I never knew how that love can be so instant and intense until he arrived. When I saw that look in his eyes, and knew he recognized me as a familiar and loving face, I was instantly aware of how much I love this little boy! That one look from my baby just stirred my heart up like crazy! I love it! 🙂